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If you bought a Mumzel from the first collection , The Mumzels will ask for some data to check and to be able to post your project on the website

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  • Drippy BullZ Mint on June 2nd: Collaborations with Mumzels and Many More Artists

    The Mumzels & Drippy BullZ collab

    The Mumzels are part of the Freemint collection for the Drippy BullZ. They have collaborated with 28 artists to create a free mint for their holders. On June 2nd, there will be an early release of the Drippy Bullz for 15 Matic to acquire these bullz and get one of the free editions of the collaborations in your hands in June.

    The Mumzels are a part of the Freemint collection designed for the Drippy Bullz. They have joined forces with 28 artists to create a free mint exclusively for their holders. On June 2nd, there will be an early release of the Drippy Bullz available for 15 Matic, allowing you to acquire these unique bullz and get your hands on one of the free collaboration editions in June.

    The Adventures of Mumzel Dexter and Bruno in the World of Drippy Bullz

    In a bustling metropolis, Dexter, a curious and adventurous mumzel, roamed the streets at night.  Drawn to the mesmerizing graffiti on a wall, Dexter’s attention was captured by Butch and Bruno, the talented TwinZ from the Drippy Bullz Herd, painting their vibrant artwork with precision.  Enchanted by their talent, Dexter expressed his admiration.

     With mischievous glints in their eyes, they invited Mumzel Dexter to try his hand at graffiti art.  Under Bruno’s expert guidance and Butch’s watchful eye Dexter carefully wielded the spray can, creating a small but meaningful masterpiece.  He felt a surge of pride and gratitude for the chance to experience this type of art form and become part of the Drippy Herd.  Dexter expressed his thanks to Butch and Bruno before swiftly retreating to his hiding place as daybreak approached.

     Although his adventure was brief, Dexter felt a profound sense of fulfillment.  The artwork on the wall stood as a testament to his journey into the vibrant world of graffiti art.  He cherished the friendship forged with the Drippy TwinZ and the connection he had made with the Drippy Herd.

     As the sun rose, Mumzel Dexter retreated to his own realm, knowing he had discovered a place in the nocturnal tapestry of the city’s art scene.

     With each passing day, Mumzel Dexter continued to explore his artistic talents, leaving traces of color and joy throughout the metropolis.  The memory of that fateful night meeting Butch and Bruno remained etched in his heart, an inspiration to continue illuminating the city with his vibrant creations.

    Drippy Bullz

    DrippyBullz Building a Vibrant Community of Street Art

    Drippy Bullz is an exciting project that revolves around street art, spearheaded by a passionate graffiti artist who constantly pushes the boundaries of this artistic form. Their main objective is to create a thriving community based on the principles and philosophies of street art. In addition to this, longer term goals are to provide street art education and extend support to artistic charities, making a positive impact through their creative endeavors.

    Drippy BullZ has meticulously planned their first collection, aiming to captivate art enthusiasts and collectors. The BullZ are a starting point for the project, and the team envisions expanding their brand and artistic vision beyond these initial offerings. DrippyBullZ eagerly anticipates collaborating with their stakeholders to determine the next steps in their creative journey and will do this via open communication. They can’t wait to release their planned future collections of Cowz and Calvez! 

    Community Minting Event

    The highly anticipated minting of Drippy BullZ ’s first collection is scheduled to take place on June 2th. This event marks a significant milestone for the project and presents a unique opportunity for collectors to own a piece of the vibrant street art world that DrippyBullZ has crafted. Mint price 15 Matic

    Collaborations with 28 Projects

    Drippy BullZ has forged partnerships with 28 other artists and projects to offer a special benefit to DrippyBullZ holders. People who mint a BullZ get access to a free mint, which will contain one NFT at random from one of the participating artists or projects. This exciting collaboration not only adds value to the DrippyBullZ community but also creates a network of shared appreciation for street art and NFTs.

    Artists & Projects

    At the core of DrippyBullZ lies the strong desire to build an engaged and dynamic community. The project incorporates a range of initiatives and activities designed to involve community members and offer them exciting opportunities for participation. By actively engaging with their audience, DrippyBullZ aims to create an environment where art enthusiasts can connect, learn, and grow together.

    Competition and Giveaways

    To nurture community building, DrippyBullZ organizes various competitions and giveaways. Artists are encouraged to unleash their creativity by designing their own BullZ and maybe having them made into Collaborative BullZ. Another exciting competition involves coloring the BullZ Lineart image. Winners of this competition will be rewarded with a free mints. Participants are encouraged to showcase their imaginative flair by embellishing their BullZ designs for a chance to win.

    Drippy BullZ believes in acknowledging and rewarding their community and token holders. During the project launch, special raffles and giveaways will be held for attendees. Monthly holder giveaways and raffles will follow, offering opportunities to win physical artwork, merchandise, airdrops, and free mints from DrippyBullZ and upcoming collections. DrippyBullZ holders will be able to claim free monthly art as well as have access to a Question and Answer session with one of their team. 

    Engaging the Community on Twitter

    Twitter plays a vital role in community engagement for DrippyBullZ. The project encourages active participation through art competitions, giveaways, raffles, and airdrops. As well as being an engaged supporter by sharing others in the community, articles and knowledge. 

    The Talented Team behind DrippyBullZ

    Drippy BullZ is supported by a team of passionate individuals who bring their expertise to the project. Drips, a seasoned graffiti and cartoon artist, infuses his artwork with vibrant colors and unique creations. Jo, a multi-discipline artist, contributes her skills in design, 3D design, coding, development, and gallery curation. Dave, a strategic partner consultant, leverages his connections within the NFT community to foster collaboration and networking opportunities. Ben, the developer, specializes in web development, smart contract implementation, and consultation.

    Drippy BullZ is not just about creating stunning street art; it’s about fostering a strong, engaged community centered around the shared love for street art and NFTs. Through their initiatives, collaborations, and the collective expertise of their team, DrippyBullZ aspires to make a lasting impact on the world of street art and beyond. By elevating street art culture, forging meaningful connections, and supporting charitable causes, DrippyBullZ is on a mission to create an enduring legacy. Stay tuned for the exciting minting event on June 2th and witness the birth of a vibrant street art community.

  • 📊 Mumzelhunt Stats 📈 🔦🪣

    📊 Mumzelhunt Stats 📈 🔦🪣

    🎊 288 Free Mumzel NFT’s

    Given Away in the Mumzelhunt from February until May between 21 Hunters in mumzelhunt special editons 🎊

    ✅️ 42 Mumzelhunt Mumzels are sold ! 🎊
    ✅️ 103 Mumzels left in the Mumzelhunt between 5 payed 💰 collections (with Collection June)
    ✅️ All payed Mumzelhunt collections are 1/1 🎨

    ✨️ Collections – Dimensions ✨️

    ✅️ 10 nfts – Early portraits mumzels – (sold out) 🎊

    ✅️ 20 nfts – Mumzels in the dark – (sold out) 🎊

    ✅️ 25 nfts – 3d Grounded mumzels

    12 matic 🔦🪣 (Hunter price 9 matic)

    ✅️ 40 nfts – Beautiful backgrounds mumzels – 15 matic (Hunter price 12 matic) 🪣🔦

    ✅️ 50 nfts – Rainbow Edges

    available on 8 June – 20 matic (Hunter price 15 matic) 🪣🔦

    ✨️After purchase one of the mumzels from the collections above you will become a Hunter 🪣🔦✨️

    ✨️Special Edition Mumzelhunt✨️

    ✅️ 177 Different Mumzelholders (all part of the Mumzel community)
    ✅️ Mumzels with story’s in between
    ✅️ mumzels with voice telling in between
    ✅️ 1/1 in between
    ✅️ Costum mumzels in between
    ✅️ becomes largest collection.
    ✅️ you can catch these mumzels by buying one of the 5 paid mumzelhunt collections (most Mumzels) or participate in Giveaways on twitter – discord – collabs with other Artists.

    🚫 owning a Mumzelhunt Special Editions Mumzel or a Mumzels from the other collections outside of the Mumzelhunt does not entitle you to all the free weekly mumzelhunt drops for the Hunters to hunt. ⚠️🚫

    ⚠️ participating in the hunt is only by catching a mumzel – buy from the 5 paid Mumzelhunt collections , early Portraits, mumzels in the dark , 3d grounded mumzels , beautiful backgrounds, rainbow edges. ⚠️ 🪣🔦

    ✨️ Mumzel community ✨️

    ✅️ ⚠️ owning a mumzel from one of the collections outside the mumzelhunt on our the mumzels account on opensea (excluding the mumzelmarket) you get / can participate in seasonal free Mumzel drops (few times a year) first next drop is June and this Mumzel will be added in the mumzelhunt special editions.

    ✨️ Every week Free Mumzel drops for the Hunters until July ✨️

    🌴🌞August summer break 🌞🌴
    After Summer Hunt will continue..👀

    ✨️Become a Hunter and join the Hunt to catch alot mumzels ! 🔦🪣✨️


    woman premium T-shirt
    Kids premium T-shirt
    Men premium tank top
  • Thrilling Mumzel Adventures: NFT Polygon Showcase, Mumzelhunt, and Exciting Updates Along the Way

    Mumzels Unveiled: Discover Them at the Polygon Showcase on May 25th and 26th!

    This week, the Mumzels can be viewed in the NFT Polygon Showcase by Creative Owls at the event on Thursday and Friday. The Mumzels are eagerly looking forward to it and wondering if you will also be attending. An array of diverse artists will be in attendance, creating an ideal environment for networking and fostering new connections. Engaging discussions on various topics will take place, offering opportunities to discover fresh insights and knowledge. To secure tickets for the Spatial Polygon Showcase, the Mumzels kindly direct you to Creative Owls Twitter account.

    Upcoming Free Mumzel drop for the hunters 28th may

    The Mumzelhunt is still ongoing, and 5 Mumzels have been captured from the Beautiful Backgrounds collection of May. This month, there are several Mumzels to be captured through tasks and free drops. Some Mumzels have already been caught by the hunters, and only a few exemplars remain for those who join the Mumzelhunt now (the first 2 new hunters to capture a Beautiful Background Mumzel).

    The most special Mumzels that can be captured contain a story. In the upcoming weekend, 3 more Mumzels will be available for the hunters participating in the hunt: one for joining our Discord, one with a story for hunters who have captured a Beautiful Background Mumzel, and one for all hunters who own a Mumzel from any of the 4 Mumzelhunt collections.

    • on February 8th, there were Early Portraits, with 10 Different Mumzels for 3 Matic each. (sold out)
    • On March 8th, there were Mumzels in the Dark, with 20 for 6 Matic (or 5 Matic with an Early Portraits Mumzel) (still 5 available for 6 matic)
    • On April 8th, there will be 3D Grounded Mumzels, with 25 mumzels for 12 Matic (or 9 Matic with a Mumzel in the Dark) (still 20 available for 12 matic)
    • On May 8th, the Mumzels will come with beautiful backgrounds, with 40 Mumzels for 15 Matic (or 12 Matic with a 3D Grounded Mumzel). (35 available for 15 matic)
    • on June 8th, the Rainbow Edges Mumzels will be released, which will cost 20 Matic (or 15 Matic with a beautiful background). (uploading)

    There will be more Mumzels to capture this month, and in June, the final collection, Rainbow Edges, will be released with 50 different Mumzels. Also, in June, various Mumzels can be obtained through free drops and tasks. There will be no new collection in July, but all hunters will receive more free drops. In August, we will assess the progress of the Mumzelhunt and see how many Mumzels have been captured. In September, after a one-month summer break, we will continue rewarding the Mumzel hunters.

    Free Drop for all holders (july)

    Additionally, during the summer, there will be a free Mumzel drop for everyone who owns a Mumzel from any of the Mumzel collections on our main account (excluding the Mumzelmarket).

    Book? and Discord collecting NFT’s and Talk with the night watch Mumzel

    The Mumzels are currently working on writing a book that they intend to release. They have also established a Discord server where you can chat, play games, collect cookies and XP. These cookies can be used to purchase NFTs in our Discord. You can also engage in conversation with the Night Watch Mumzel, who can tell captivating stories. Feel free to visit the Mumzel community, and occasionally, we will have giveaways, such as goodies from our webshop. Last month, we had a giveaway for the Mumzel cap to celebrate reaching 5000 followers on Twitter.

    The Mumzels Adventures Mint is still open

    And for 1 Matic, you can mint a Mumzel from the Mumzels Adventures collection. With 1 mint, you receive a free Mumzel with a spell, and with 5 mints, you receive a different one with a different spell. For 10 mints, 15 mints, 20 mints, and 25 mints, you will get additional Mumzels. So, with 25 Matic, you will have 30 Mumzel NFTs, and with a little luck, you may also obtain one of the 3 Mumzels with a prize attached. Two Mumzels have a gift of 10 Matic, and one has 20 Matic if you mint them.

    In summary, it could be an exciting experience to try and capture all the Mumzels Adventures

    In summary, it could be an exciting experience to try and capture all the Mumzel adventures. Apart from the Mumzels Adventures collection, our very first collection is still available. The price ranges from 35 to 55 Matic, depending on the number of copies of the NFTs available. If you purchase an NFT from this collection, the Mumzels will write a blog about your project, and you will have your own Discord channel in our server.

    Collabs with other projects

    The Mumzels are also involved in various collaborations, such as Metaland Wolfpack, Otcopeeps, and Rockofajs. Soon, we will provide more information about upcoming collaborations.

    Secret tip for next collab

    On the second Saturday of last month, the Mumzels were invited to The Diner Chubbys Foodtruckpark in to talk about the Mumzels and enjoy networking. It was a delightful evening that the Mumzels thoroughly enjoyed.

    Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to capture Mumzels when you see them!

  • Mumzel Jip telling about his mom

    MUMZELHUNT Free Drop for the Hunters

    Yesterday the mumzels sent a new free drop to the Mumzelhunters. we still have 2 copies available of this mumzel that you can get for free with the purchase of a beautiful background mumzel for 15 matic. In addition to Mumzel jip you can receive even more free mumzel drops until July

    Do you want to know for sure if Jip is still available? inquire via twitter or our discord about the availability of Mumzel Jip , mumzel Jip already gone? Don’t worry there are more Mumzels and more free Mumzels to arrive if you’re part of the Mumzelhunt.

    Story about Mumzel Jip and his Mom

    Today a little orange-brown mumzel jip who loved his mother very much want to share his story about his mother. He would often tell stories about her to his siblings and friends. He was proud of his mama because she taught him everything he knew about being a mumzel.

    One of the important lessons his mother taught him was about the dangers of being a mumzel. She warned him to be careful when they entered people’s homes in search of food because humans didn’t like it when they woke up to an empty pantry. She also warned him about the danger of pets, particularly cats, who liked to hunt mumzels at night.

    One day, he remembered how he had almost been caught by a cat, but his mother had come to his rescue and kept him safe. He was grateful for her protection and knew he wouldn’t be here without her guidance.

    He hoped that everyone, like him, was proud of their own mothers who raised them and that today was a day to honor them. He believed that mothers deserved to be celebrated and thanked for all the hard work and love they put into raising their children.

    Do you want to know more about the Mumzelhunt?

    check out our website and keep an eye on our twitter or discord!

  • The Tale of Mumzels and OctoPeeps in the Depths of the Ocean

    When Mumzels Met OctoPeeps

    The Mumzels and OctoPeeps have joined forces in an exciting collaboration that brings together two unique worlds. These adorable small hairy creatures and powerful octopus leaders have formed an unlikely alliance, and the result is a fascinating journey into the OctoPeeps Universe. Let’s dive in and explore the exciting Story of the Mumzels and OctoPeeps collaboration.

    The Tale of Mumzels and OctoPeeps in the Depths of the Ocean

    Once upon a time, there were two Mumzels, small hairy creatures with feelers and big eyes, who loved to play on the beach at night. One evening, they saw a large plank washed up on shore and decided to stand on it.

    As the waves crashed onto the shore, the plank was swept away, taking the Mumzels with it into the open sea. Struggling to stay on the plank, the Mumzels drifted further and further away from the shore, feeling helpless and scared. After hours of being adrift, one of the Mumzels lost grip on the plank and fell into the water. The other Mumzel desperately tried to save their friend, but they were unable to lift them back onto the plank. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, a humanoid octopus named Eight, hailing from the Sunlit Kingdom, found the drowning Mumzel and quickly brought them to the surface.

    Eight then found the other Mumzel still on the plank and brought them both safely back to shore. During their journey, Eight shared stories about the different kingdoms of the OctoPeeps Universe, fascinating the Mumzels with tales of the unique underwater societies ruled by powerful octopus leaders. As the Mumzels sat on the beach, catching their breath after their harrowing experience at sea, Eight began to recount the tales of the OctoPeeps Universe. The Mumzels listened intently as Eight described the five distinct underwater kingdoms, each ruled by a powerful octopus leader. Eight described several kingdoms in the ocean, each with its unique characteristics and rulers.

    The Sunlit Kingdom, ruled by King Oryx, is a welcoming and communicative community that looks and behaves like people. In contrast, the Dark Kingdom, ruled by King Sopius, seeks to enslave humanity and turn them into a source of energy food for his race. The warriors of the Twilight Kingdom possess the unique ability to travel through time and space and are powerful allies in the fight against the Dark Kingdom. The Abyss Kingdom is ruled by King Catron and extends from 4000 to 6000 meters, where the water temperature is near freezing and there is no light. Citizens of this kingdom are quick and have tremendous power, sparing no one when evil strikes. Lastly, the Crystal Kingdom, ruled by Queen Isla, is located at the bottom of the ocean and known for its citizens’ ability to manipulate crystals and gemstone.

    As Eight finished describing the kingdoms, the Mumzels were amazed at the diversity and power of the underwater societies. They thanked Eight for saving their lives and for sharing the fascinating tales of the OctoPeeps Universe. From that day on, the Mumzels became fascinated with the underwater kingdoms and the creatures that lived within them, and they vowed to one day explore the ocean and see them for themselves.

    Discover the Fascinating World of OctoPeeps

    A Unique NFT Collection.

    OctoPeeps is a collection of unique digital creatures or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are built on the Polygon blockchain. These creatures are inspired by octopuses and other sea creatures and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Each OctoPeep NFT is one-of-a-kind and has its own unique traits, making them highly collectible and valuable.

    In addition to the regular OctoPeeps collection, there are also OctoPeeps Kingdoms and Pixel OctoPeeps Kingdoms collections, which feature different types of OctoPeeps that belong to different underwater kingdoms with their own distinct characteristics and rulers.

    These NFTs are not just digital art pieces, but they also come with certain benefits and utility. For example, holders of OctoPeeps NFTs can stake their tokens and earn rewards in the form of $FATH, which is the native token of the OctoPeeps ecosystem. They can also use their NFTs to participate in various events and contests, trade them on NFT marketplaces, and potentially earn a profit from their investments.

    To obtain the Mumzel Collab NFT With Octopeeps, people need to have the ERC-20 Polygon token $FATH. They can acquire this by staking any OctoPeeps NFTs from the three current collections – OctoPeeps, OctoPeeps Kingdoms, and Pixel OctoPeeps Kingdoms.

    Alternatively, people can earn $FATH by exchanging Discord currency $OCTO for it.