MumzelFamily: DrugMusic

Drugmusic has been a good buddy of the mumzels from the start that the Mumzels came on twitter.

he also bought a Mumzel and belongs to the Mumzel Family


What if I told you music can release CHEMICALs in you that will INDUCE your brain to FEEL elevated?
Would you think am lying Or would you be interested in partaking in the EXPERIENCE.
We create what I called DRUG MUSIC that is a fusion of: LOFI, ABSTRACT and Ambient music all fused together to elevate your state of consciousness.
Perfect for the background of your GAMES, AVATARS, METAVERSE rooms and the LIKE.

“He made a New NFT” #Thunder

DrugMusic makes very beautiful psychedelic music with which you can relax and philosophize about all things in the world .

Drugmusic likes to help people in the community and is a very good twitter host

go to his website to listen to his beautiful music and support him. so that he can make much more beautiful music in the future.