MumzelFamily: Fin – HornyDevilsClub

Welcome to the mumzel Family Fin! he bought Mumzel Bibber rartity Level 5.

Fin is started a new collection on OpenSea @Hornyboots

Drop coming soon

When you buy my NFT the real boot will be delivered to your door and in future we are gonna open the real stores where you can buy our shoes and if you are the owner of the NFT you will get 10 percent discount

And yes if you buy horny boot you will get a free custom made NFT for free too

Fin has also another project Noselessapple

because the Horneyboots are still in development and you want to help Fin with his project to achieve his goal, you can also buy an Apple so that he can realize the Boot collection and to help other people . see below what fin is doing with the Apples

The reason of making my NFTs is to help these people to give the food to eat give them water to drink to give them shelter to live please I am requesting you all please support me to help these people please. #NFT#NFTs#NFTCommmunity Collection link


Gepubliceerd door The Mumzels

"Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night? Don't be afraid, it's probably the Mumzels! The Mumzels are creatures that live around us at night, searching for food and items they like to take back to their nest. They can be recognized by their big eyes and feelers on their heads, but they are not easily seen by humans as they consider us dangerous. We have all experienced waking up to an empty cookie jar or misplacing something, only to find it later. This is likely the work of Mumzels in your home. The Mumzels started as a children's book in 2012 and made their way into the NFT, crypto, and Web3 world in February 2022. In addition to their own English blog website, they are also active on social media like Twitter and various NFT communities."

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