Sneak into the shed.

Night came and I was lying in my bed.
This morning my father told me, that I was not allowed to go to the shed at night, to see if the Mumzel were there.
But I can’t sleep, I‘m curious. I want to know if the Mumzels are there.

Even though I am constantly thinking about the Mumzels, I turn to my side to fall asleep.

I hear my parents going into their bedroom.
Shall I go and have a look? No one will find out..

I waited for an hour. And when I thought my parents were asleep, I went downstairs, quietly. When I was downstairs, I put on my shoes and went outside, to the shed.

It was dark, I couldn’t see much and I was a little scared.

Maybe all the Mumzels could be in front of me, but what would they do?
Quietly, I sat down in the shed, but saw nothing.
The Mumzel nest was also empty, I removed the Lego this afternoon, so there was only some debris left.

I heard all kinds of noises, but they were far away and they were probably not Mumzels.
It was cold, but suddenly, I heard a crack in the back of the shed.
What could it be? it was so dark from where I was sitting, that I couldn’t see anything.
I kept hearing all these sounds, but what was it?
Shall I go and see? Even as the scaredy-cat I am, I went to take a closer look, despite that I was afraid.
I stepped a bit closer and saw a shadow moving under a table..
Suddenly I heard sounds that I could not put into place, but it looked like a kind of singing.

I tried to get closer, but tripped over a broomstick on the floor.
That made some loud noise when it fell on the ground. At that moment, I no longer hear singing and looked at the corner where I suddenly saw a very small creature looking at me.
He was startled by me, and when he saw that I saw him, he ran away.

Was that a mumzel? He looked very sweet. It was no bigger than a mouse, but walked on 2 legs.
There was a part of a cookie where he was standing. Could he have taken it from our house?
I was enthusiastic and thought I saw a real Mumzel, I looked if I could still see him, but he was already gone.

I quickly ran inside to tell my father.
“Papa papa I saw a mumzel”, I ran inside shouting. I Didn’t even realize that it was in the middle of the night and I had to sleep.
My father woke up “What are you doing here next to our bed Bram? “go to sleep, go to your room before I get angry!” Disappointed I went to my room.

I saw a Mumzel !! Would he come back tomorrow? Or would he be afraid of me now..?

Voice Over: Daims the Wizard

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