The Mumzels

Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night?

Are all kinds of small things disappearing in your house?

that’s what the Mumzels do.

Mumzels are very small creatures with big eyes, walk on 2 legs and have 2 feelers on their head with which they quickly recognize danger.

They live around us all over the world, many mumzels live in forests among the animals. but some also in our homes under the roof tiles or in the shed.

They are very easily afraid of people because we can be so big and dangerous. they are afraid of us. that’s why they almost never show up. for that the mumzel has to trust you first, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see one in real life.

Have you discovered them yet?

This NFT collection consists of 50 different Mumzels as 2D images with 1 mumzel on the image.

Do you want to help the Mumzels to be discovered by the whole world?

so we can show the Mumzels that they don’t have to be afraid of us anymore?