Origin of the Mumzels

As a small child, my father always told me about the Mumzels.
if I lost something or I heard strange noises on the roof my father blamed the Mumzels.

in 2011 I started drawing Mumzels and in 2012 I published a simple children’s book in my own way. The book is still for sale and is for young children between 2 and 4 years. there is only a Dutch Version of this book.

In the book you can see mumzels in several pictures. a little story is told about what the mumzels are doing and the mumzels ask questions to the child, such as how many mumzels can you count in the photo? what animal is this?

the mumzels think this is a beautiful bird to see. do you know what kind of bird this is? you guessed it, it’s an owl. the red mumzel tries to catch the owl with the landing net. do you think he will succeed?
there are all kinds of different fruits on the table. do you know what all these are?
Do you also see which one does not belong?
good, very clever, because we consider a tomato as a vegetable.

in the years after the writing of the book, I drew a few animations of mumzels here and there, it has been quiet for a long time around the mumzels. My children were young, started doing more volunteer work and busy with my regular job.

The dream of writing books again in the future and making the Mumzels famous remained.

last year I discovered the NFT market, at first I thought I’d make some mumzels and see if I can sell those images. In the end it turned out that there is a whole community behind the NFT and that something is expected of you as an NFT artist. because what good is it to other people to buy your pictures?

a whole new world opened up for me. I suddenly had to start talking in English in Twitter spaces to talk about my project. while i could not speak english . I had to translate everything from Dutch into English and people asked me for a Route map? website? other information? I only made Mumzels, didn’t I? So then I had to get to work, besides manually editing mumzels in Photos I also had to think of my future plans.

what am I going to do with the money? what do I want to achieve for the Mumzels? I’m only alone, my wife got angry sometimes because I only talk about Mumzels. and spent days listening to Twitter spaces. I had to quickly find a balance. I am still looking for a team. luckily my daughter , wife and a friend sometimes help me translate or speak english.

I now have the Website online and I update it regularly. I write blogs on my website about everything the Mumzels do, who buy the mumzels or what the Mumzels themselves buy from other Artists or projects to also support the people who also support the mumzels to reach followers.

I want to bundle the blogs with stories about the Mumzels in a new book in the future. I also want to make Photos with multiple Mumzels in my next collection so that these images can also be processed in stories. (like images in this Blog from my first book).
my dream is still to watch the mumzels on TV someday . so are you someone with a lot of knowledge and can you help me?? in the meantime I want the Mumzels in 3D too. I have that for the Long Term Route map because I still have a lot to learn in it and first I need better equipment and software.

I have indicated on my website that 49% goes to the tax. this is because I am not yet a company at this time and the taxes on buying and selling NFT in a high tax scale fall above a certain amount. (should this turn out to be otherwise, I will also give back a part of this in the community to buy art from other NFT artists on top of the 15% that I already promise from my med Term income.) I will also use a part to invest in the Mumzels or a team to make it all look even more professional. It was also the first time I made a website.

at this point of time i have sold 7 mumzels for about 70 bucks.
I bought a website and a subscription for a drawing program which together cost me 150 dollars.
currently I have spent about $50 including gasfee on other Artists and projects to support them.

I always have a lot of ideas and I am very creative. The disadvantage of that is that I can be quite chaotic at times and you can sometimes see that in my collections or the structure of the website.

I hope you appreciate and want to help the Mumzels grow. so that everyone in the world knows that they don’t have to be afraid at night if they hear strange noises on the roof.
Bram Honcoop – stripe1985 – the Mumzels