Mumzel Dido no.3

Do you ever wake up in the morning and the food you left on the counter the night before is gone?

Mumzel Dido is always hungry and at night when people are sleeping he goes out. he eats all the food he finds until he can no longer walk because of the stomach pain and has to lie down.

sometimes he falls asleep and if you are lucky you can catch him. only you have to be quick because Mumzels quickly recognize danger by their feelers and are actually always hidden in time.

Dido is no.3 from the Mumzels NFT 2D collection that I made with 50 mumzels in it. maybe not the prettiest but one of the first.

Eat , eat , eat everything you leave in the evening is gone in the morning ! who was it Dido !!
Rarity Level 1 has 75 copies