Troglodyte Society Live Event April 23

Join Live on April 23

Bomeh Community at 1:30pm GMT/8:30am EST.

on April 23rd Troglodyte Society will have another live event from Sierra Leone and donate the money they earned from their project in the community there

come watch the live event at

1:30pm GMT/8:30am EST.


(link to there Discord Live stream)

Why Troglodyte Society Do This!

My name is Ahmed Kadi, I am a part of the Senior Leadership Team at a secondary school and the creator of Troglodyte Society NFTs. I started this project to raise the funds needed to build a children’s center in Sierra Leone, West Africa. 

The children’s center will be a “drop in” youth club designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the young people, with members having a large influence on the running of the club and its activities. We will also offer Supplementary Education to children, and young adults, in the areas of Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, IT, Arts, and Music. Finally, we will focus on micro projects to help develop and generate employment, and to encourage micro-economic growth, in and around local communities.

Troglodyte Society