MumzelFamily: Bbartdesign

Bbartdesign (Bart) & Bapper krent (Brent)

Welcome to the Mumzel Family

Mumzel gizmo loves cats last night he was at Bbartdesign house to cuddle with his cats only the cats mistook Gizmo for a mouse and wanted to play with Gizmo.
Bart rescued Mumzel gizmo just in time before he was injured and gizmo has now made his nest at Bbartdesign house between the roof tiles.

Bapper krent got up this morning and found all sorts of crumbs on the floor in the kitchen.

on the counter were a few eaten packets of biscuits and a very thick yellow Mumzel dido totally loose next to it.

with another cookie in his hand that he tries to eat. Bapper krent takes the cookie and puts mumzel dido in the attic in a safe place away from the cookies .. so dido have to struggle to get the cookies ..


good morning, last night Bapper krent found Mumzel Mimzy
Mimzy was looking for Dido who already lived with bapper. because mumzel Mimzy was so sweet and funny, bapper took him in too. so that Dido doesn’t eat all the cookies when bapper is at work

The Mumzels want to introduce to you .

Duo artists bart en brent

Bb artdesign

Bitcoin is seen as the digital gold but it consists of all the colors of the world. It not only provides freedom but brings everyone closer together. Without bitcoin, we wouldn’t be talking or writing to each other here. Like a stone in water, it spreads further and further all over the world.

The beginning.

BB art design.

Brent and Bart

Booth 37 years young

2 lifelong friends that starting a new journey.

A start whit bitcoin and crypto that lead them to the NFT space where creators flow there talent in a digitale world.

Creators meet each other and help where they can.

The creation.

It started whit bitcoin so we wanted to create around bitcoin a collection.

A collection handcrafted whit lots off colors and theme around bitcoin.

The first 8 backgrounds where created around precious metals. Gold, silver, bronze,…

New series are upcoming.

The heart off the first collection is the love for bitcoin and where it brought us. From day one it is a journey off learning and it takes us on new adventures.

First collection is finished and the next is around the corner.

213 pieces to 10000 pieces. A challenge whit fun and learning on the road ahead.

Upcoming art handcrafted

Old tables will be given a new future whit the mark off bitcoin and nfts.

Wall art off bitcoin will be created combined whit nfts.

A true journey. 

A journey off creating.

A journey friendship.

A journey off new friendships.

Investing in others is investing in yourself

With the first collection, 50% of the proceeds will go to a secret metamask wallet.

Each NFT contains 1 word of the seedphrase. If you find 12 different words you win the wallet.