Mumzel Chuck

If there is 1 Mumzel who likes to help others it is Chuck , he is not only very nice but also a bear of a Mumzel . He is not afraid of anyone and is super strong.
Recently some Mumzels were trapped in a glass jar .

Apparently someone had discovered the Mumzels and captured a few. The Mumzels couldn’t move in that jar and were quite scared. One of the Mumzels who had escaped had fetched Chuck so he could help.
Chuck isn’t afraid of people or animals and doesn’t just walk away.
It turned out that a young boy had discovered the Mumzels and put them in a jar.
Now that jar of Mumzels was in his room and Chuck had to get in first .
But that is no problem for Chuck, because without mercy he climbed onto the roof and through the roof tiles he could enter the house through a hole.
Now he only had to go to the boy ‘s bedroom , but that is no problem either .
Arriving around the room , Chuck saw the jar with the other Mumzels in it standing on the desk .

Chuck climbed up on the desk to open the jar , luckily Chuck is strong enough that he could easily unscrew the lid from the jar . Only by his strength he let the lid of the jar fall onto the floor and that made a noise.
The other Mumzels were afraid that the lid would make so much noise that the boy would wake up and take the mumzels again . But luckily it worked out.
Chuck was able to free all the other Mumzels from the jar without the boy waking up. Together they quickly left the house and went back to the Mumzel nest.
The Mumzels were very grateful to Mumzel Chuck and that is why he is always seen as a hero by the other Mumzels. Because if there is a Mumzel in distress, they call Chuck.