Mumzel Drup was tired

Mumzel Drup was walking. Walking made Mumzel Drup very tired and he looked for a place to sleep.

Mumzel Drup saw a nice spot to snuggle up against and it was also soft like a pillow. Before you knew it, Mumzel Drup was already asleep against that soft spot and he was deep in dreamland.

only downside was that the soft spot was not just any soft pillow. for at the snoring of Mumzel Drup the soft spot awoke and stood up, causing Mumzel Drup to fall backwards and startled awake.

Drup looked up and saw a big tiger there, Drup had gone to sleep against that tiger? the tiger was nice and soft , only the tiger didn’t look so friendly at the moment .

while the tiger Mumzel looked at Drup with urging eyes, Drup slowly crawled back to escape the tiger’s gaze because Drup didn’t know whether the tiger wanted to eat him or was just angry. Drup sees a stone next to him and quickly crawls behind it. behind the stone Drip is safe and quickly looks around the corner at the tiger.

Drup sees the tiger turn and lie down to go back to sleep. Drup is also very tired, will he lie down against the tiger again or rather against the hard stone..?