The DrugMusic Space Free NFT Collab DrugMusic Mumzel

DrugMusic and The Mumzels

hold a silent Music space every Monday through Friday at 7 PM CEST

DrugMusic plays different kinds of music from all over the world or where you hear music from artists .

Everyone who enters the space will have the opportunity to share their own works of art in the space for all to see.

In this space that is not really quiet, DJ DrugMusic will also involve people in the music and the intention is that everyone can enjoy the music while sharing your work.

Besides the Mumzels , Erika Psykick and Mystic Muse NFT are also in the Space help to entertain you as guests .

To celebrate our space DrugMusic and The Mumzels have made a collab with the Music of DrugMusic and the character of The Mumzels, we have made 500 copies of the DrugMusic Mumzel. The first 500 people who will come into our space and join the DrugMusic Discord can get the NFT for free.

Thanks to the Team and hopefully you will continue to listen to our space.



The Mumzels


Mystic Muse


Erika Psykick