Mumzel Family: IIkesOrbit

Mumzel Buster was out on a spider hunt in @IlkesOrbit‘ yard .. Suddenly the tables were turned when mumzel buster was trapped and surrounded by 100th spiders.

Luckily @IlkesOrbit saw it in time and saved mumzelbuster from the spiders.#themumzels

The Mumzels want to introduce to you IIkesObit

IIkesObit his real name is llia 23 years old and living in a small but beautifull country Bulgaria in east Europe.

He studied Graphic design at the university and he loves it all kinds of designs and art.

in his last year at the university , he had a Subject about 3D modeling and since then he was fallen in Love with 3D Art.

And for sure

that’s what Ilia want to do in life!

What about the NFT’s?

Well, Ilia heard about the NFTs for the first time in October 2021.
Then in December he created his Twitter account and started growing it.

Since the 13th of March

he minted his very first NFT called GRAVITY.

Why the name IIkesObit?

As a small child, Ilia was given the Nickname Ilke by his friends because his other name was Ilko. Ilia liked the nickname that’s why he called his own on social media.

The story behind the Orbit is explained below in a Pin tweet.

The Nickname was supposed to be called “Ilke’sOrbit” only while making his Logo he didn’t like the ‘S that’s why it became Ilkesorbit.

You can check the orbit and all the details about it in this tweet


First Collection

The story behind IIkesObit first collection- Nameless MOMENTS is that he always wanted to be like

someone who he admired, like someone who did something BIG for example

  • Isaac Newton (GRAVITY),
  • Neil Armstrong (MOON LANDING
  • Albert Einstein (THEORY OF RELATIVITY)
  • Adam and Eve (First people on earth)

All of them did something important for humankind, No matter if it was a good or a bad thing.

But we can’t know what good Is without evil, right? If they hadn’t done the things they did, we wouldn’t know the world as it is.
So yeah… Ilia want to be like these people one day, that’s why he represent those moments in his art.

Click on the Picture to go to his collection

Future Collections

Currently, IIkesObit am working on one big collection in collaboration with one Macedonian artist @TheBlindGirlArt.

We are preparing a collection of 250 unique 3D artworks and with that, we hope
we can help many new artists to show their art in our project.

The collection takes a lot of time and effort but we hope it will available soon. STAY TUNED!

How I Make the 3D Cubes

That is the way IIkesObit created one of his favorite art pieces PANDORA’S BOX

using the 3D software Blender.