Blog 100: The Mumzels Adventures

Update: all utility and price is chanced see Mumzelhunt and last blogs

Blog number 100 and we mumzels are proud to introduce you to the New Mumzel collection

“The Mumzels Adventures”

1000 NFT with different Mumzels on it.

Some are rare and others are more common.

The price is 1 matic for an NFT

The Mumzels in this collection experience their own adventures and stories.

this collection comes with a different utility than my first collection.

Update: all is chanced see Mumzelhunt and last blogs

among the 1000 Mumzel NFTs are 3 NFTs with a different color background. 2x purple and 1x gold.

1x gold:

“found jar of candy”.

Price for holder 20 Matic

(Price given when 50% sold out)

2x purple:

“Delicious cookie found”.

price for holders 10 matic

(Price given when 50% sold out)

The new collection will be available on September 1.

1 Matic

The price of the old collection goes up and the utility is adjusted. so if you want a blog about your own project. Be quick before the new prices apply. this to support the holders of the first collection and because it is a lot of work to write blogs for the current price.