The Mumzels on

The Mumzels on

The Mumzels made an account on where they collect NFT’s from other artists but also drop free NFT’s these can be mumzels but also other NFT’S made by the Mumzels

The first NFT the Mumzels made is a Christmas card and there are 200 copies.

you can claim it for free after creating an account. Please note that if you create an account, the app also creates a new wallet for you, you can also link your own wallet to it so that you get the NFTs in your own wallet.

The Mumzels also made Dork and Nacho this morning.

dork and nacho are two creatures created with AI. they were born by accident and are looking for a place to live. who wants to adopt dork and nacho in their wallet?

unfortunately all 30 copies of Dork and Nacho have already been claimed! do you want to claim more nft’s from the mumzels or other artists in the future. then create your own account on .