Mumzels February Update: The Successful Start of the Mumzelhunt

Mumzelhunt: A Successful Start

The Mumzels have been busy during the month of February. While we have made fewer blog posts and the free NFT drops on Showtime have decreased, we have had a successful start to the Mumzelhunt, in which all 10 Mumzels from the first dimension, “Early Portraits”, have been caught. Additionally, a number of hunters have also caught Mumzels from the next collection, “Mumzels in the Dark”, which will be released on March 8th. As a result, there are currently only 14 spots available to participate in the Mumzelhunt on March 8th.

February Mumzelhunt Drops and Catching Mumzels

In February, Mumzelhunters were able to catch various other Mumzels, including 2 costume Mumzels for Carnival, a Valentine’s Mumzel, and if you also caught a Mumzel from the “Mumzels in the Dark” dimension in March, you received a Shadow Night Watch Mumzel as a gift.

March Mumzel Hunt: New Opportunities

In March, Mumzel hunters will have the opportunity to catch new Mumzels, including one that all hunters will receive in their wallet, one that can be earned through early access and a discount to purchase a 3D Grounded Mumzel in March, and if you own a Mumzel from all 3 collections, you can also catch a free Mumzel.

There will also be a drawing competition for hunters to draw their own Mumzel, with everyone who participates receiving a Mumzel NFT, and the winner receiving a 1/1 Mumzel NFT specially created for the competition.

In short, there are many Mumzels to be caught in the coming months for those who are interested. We want to keep hunters involved in the hunt, which is why we only offer a limited number of new spots each time, so we can guide and train all hunters to catch Mumzels.

Watch the video to see what’s coming up in March with the mumzelhunt.

Support Papa10lb’s Recovery – Fundraiser Launched by co-workers & Friends in the NFT Community

During the past week, one of the esteemed members of the NFT community, Papa10lb, who is a Mumzelhunter, suffered a severe accident during work in his personal life. As a result, his friends have launched a fundraising campaign to help support his recovery. If you would like to contribute, please refer to the tweet below.

Additionally, we would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to Papa10lb and his family during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with them, and we wish him a speedy and full recovery.

Mumzels Supporting the Troglodyte Society

Last month, the Mumzels also sponsored the Troglodyte Society by purchasing 32 new Troglodytes during their event on February 25th. The Mumzels now own 50 Troglodyte NFTs, and the mint is still open, so you can purchase them for 1 Matic. Their next collection will be on ETH, and to get on the whitelist, you must own a Polygon OG Troglodyte, which you can currently purchase for a very low price. By doing so, you are helping a foundation that is committed to providing education materials, food, and clothing to underprivileged children in Sierra Leone, and ultimately wants to set up an entire education center to help the local communities.

Donations and Collaborations with NFTurbandragons

NFTurbandragons has also set up a donation campaign with one of her dragon collections to support the Troglodytes. In February, the Mumzels purchased one of her NFTs as well. We also wrote a story together about her Mumzel Foezel and the dragons, which you can read below.

Changes in Showtime NFT Drops

In January, the Mumzels gave away many free NFTs with Showtime, but unfortunately, in February, it was no longer possible. Our drops were limited to 50 copies per drop. Unfortunately, on March 1st, Showtime became paid, and it costs $4 for one drop of 50 copies, so it is too expensive to release a new free NFT every day. We hope that you understand.

However, if you are part of the Mumzel community and own a Mumzel, we will still drop a seasonal Mumzel into your wallet. If you own a Mumzel but have never received one in your wallet, you can always contact us, and we will investigate why the Mumzels did not end up in your wallet.

The Mumzels have had their own Discord since February. You can see all our collections and activities, as well as those of the Mumzel family, in their own channel.

People who own a Mumzel from the first Mumzel collection or more than 20 Mumzels from the Mumzels Adventures will receive their own blog on our website and a place in the World of the Mumzels on our website, but recently also their own channel in our Discord. You can still buy Mumzels from the Adventures collection or the first Mumzels collection and make use of these and other utilities.

In our Discord, you can also play games to collect cookies that you can use to buy cosmetic and funny things in Discord (without value). Soon, we want to see if we can create roles that allow you to claim a certain Mumzel NFT that you can buy for cookies. This is still to be continued. We also have various channels, such as for hunters, where we can discuss strategies for catching Mumzels. I would say if you are completely new and don’t know what Mumzels are, come and take a look at our Discord. It’s still quiet now, but we hope to eventually build a friendly community.

On March 8th, the Mumzels in the Dark hunt will take place.

Soon, the second dimension of the Mumzel hunt will be made public for 6 matic, and new hunters can participate again. There will be several Mumzels to catch next month, sometimes for a small consideration, and sometimes they just walk into your hands. In short, we want to give hunters a fun experience and keep them engaged in the hunt so that we can train good hunters and catch many Mumzels.

“When you buy a Mumzel in the dark, you get early access and a discount on a 3D grounded Mumzel from the dimension of April.”

The Mumzels also put a lot of NFTs from other artists up for sale in the Mumzel market last week. If these NFTs are sold, the Mumzels will use the proceeds to buy new NFTs. So if you see one you like, you’re not only supporting the Mumzels but also the creator of the NFT and the artist from whom the Mumzels will eventually buy a new NFT

Mumzel Giveaways

We ran a Valentine’s Day giveaway in February, along with the celebration of Davc_s reaching 30K followers on Twitter and the upcoming Mumzelhunt event.

Currently (as of March 2nd), we are also hosting a giveaway with unplugged_NZ and slotheezNFT where you can win one of four copies of the Mumzel NFT.

Price already given away

Road to 30k Mumzel

Price already given away

Valentine mumzel

The Mumzels 1 year in NFT’s and web 3 on Twitter

The Mumzels would like to express their gratitude to all of you for reading this blog and supporting them over the past year. Although the Mumzels wrote a book 10 years ago, they only entered the NFT-web3 world and Twitter last February.

The Mumzels have learned a lot and developed themselves further since then. They have learned to create their Mumzels in various ways and with the help of AI, they have their own Mumzel generator that they trained themselves. With this, they can now create many unique Mumzels in different environments.

February 2022 vs february 2023

They hope to continue making many more Mumzels for you in the coming years and take the next step towards 3D Blender or animation after AI. Thank you for your support and

good luck with the Mumzel hunt on March 8th.

Be quick because there are only a limited number of Mumzels to catch.