“Draw a Mumzel: Winner !!

The Winner of the mumzel drawing or promptly submitted by the hunters.

This week, the hunters had the opportunity to draw or describe a “mumzel.” Several “mumzel hunters” took advantage of this opportunity and submitted beautiful drawings or poems. All participants who submitted their work will receive a Mumzel gift.

Additionally, one of these hunters can win an extra Mumzel if they earn the most points in this blog for their submission. As readers, you can choose who wins the extra 1/1 Mumzel NFT by voting on the drawings. You can give them 1, 2, or 3 points. Who will win this Mumzel? You decide.

Winner “Draw a Mumzel “

The community voted and on average about 22 votes per person were cast, some more, some less. we have added the number of points from the number of votes and there is 1 winner with 61 points.

Lucia PV congratulations on your Mumzel!!

Thanks to all participants and voters! Below you can see the results and below that the participating NFTs

The submissions and Mumzel hunt participants “Draw a Mumzel.


The first participating hunter is Nfturbandragons. She is an NFT artist known for her beautiful dragons, and has stunning NFT collections of urbandragons and also creates art for other projects. Urbandragons has drawn a beautiful green Mumzel with wings, and you can vote and give her points below. Does this Mumzel deserve 1 or 3 points, or will you go for something in the middle? I recommend checking out her Twitter profile and OpenSea collection, as she is also a supporter of other artists and has already collected many mumzels.

This mumzel was created with the power of AI (scenario.com) from Nfturbandragons submission. This one will be a NFT on the blockchain for Urbandragons in the Mumzelhunt special Editions

Dave Swinsbank

Dave Swinsbank is a highly respected community leader, Spacehost, and passionate supporter of various projects, including his own brand, Dave Swinsbank, and the Polygon alliance. He is also a key player in different NFT projects, such as Cryptogoonz and Cartridgepunkz. Dave is known for being approachable, dependable, and always willing to share valuable insights and information about Polygon, NFTs, and related projects. He is not only an excellent community leader, but also a trustworthy friend who will be straightforward with you if things are not feasible. Many artists recognize Dave from the #ThisIsNotAShill NFT spaces on twitter, where he provides them with a platform to talk about their projects. If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend getting to know Dave and joining his spaces to learn from his wealth of knowledge and participate in the fantastic initiatives he organizes.

There are only a few people who can make Dave draw, but he has created a prompt that turned into a Mumzel with the Mumzel creator. Below is his beautiful poem and the prompt visualized.

Poem by dave swinsbank “The Mumzels”

Do you hear strange noises at night
Don’t let them give you a fright
Beneath the roof tiles
Wearing cheeky smiles
The Mumzels are a veritable delight

This mumzel was created with the power of AI (scenario.com) from Dave Swinbank submission. This one will be a NFT on the blockchain for Dave in the Mumzelhunt special Editions

Jay Stansfield

This author is also an amazing artist and creates fun NFT spaces for children, encouraging them to make art and NFTs since this is the technology of the future. He also creates The Squibbles, which are lovable creatures for children, and is currently developing his own TV show for kids featuring them. Just by seeing his drawings, NFT’s, books, and coloring books, it would be wonderful if these Squibbles come to life on TV soon and all children can enjoy these cute and educational creatures. Additionally, one of his characters, Colin, will be traveling around the world and having adventures this year. There are plenty of reasons to keep an eye on Jay and the Squibbles, and if you want your children to be able to watch them too, support Jay by buying his books or NFTs.

Would you like to know about AI, 3D, or Web3? Jay has also developed his skills and expertise in these areas, in addition to drawing. He has created a very cute and funny Mumzel in his own style, and you can vote for it by giving it 1, 2, or 3 points below.

This mumzel was created with the power of AI (scenario.com) from Jay Stansfield submission. This one will be a NFT on the blockchain for Jay in the Mumzelhunt special Editions


DorkLovesSport is a co-host on #ThisIsNotAShill, but he’s much more than that. He’s a huge Airwolf fan and even has his own YouTube channel called Airwolfrewolf. There, he and fellow actor Paul discuss the classic TV show Airwolf and ponder the possibility of a modern remake with special effects.

Aside from his passion for Airwolf, Dorklovessport is a kind and inclusive person who hosts engaging Twitter spaces and supports artists. He’s also a talented artist himself, having created two amazing mumzels that showcase his creativity and skill.

If you want to support Dorklovessport, subscribe to his youtube channel and to win the mumzel be sure to give him 3 or 2 points for his mumzels. But even if you don’t, he’ll still continue to spread positivity and share his love for Airwolf with the world. So let’s all give a shoutout to this awesome YouTuber and Airwolf enthusiast!

This mumzel was created with the power of AI (scenario.com) from Dorklovessport’s submission. This one will be a NFT on the blockchain for Dork in the Mumzelhunt special Editions

Artistic Alliances

Artistic Alliances is a digital artist who began creating abstract art pieces and now focuses on forming alliances with people through art and photography. She is known for her beautiful abstract art, which apparently has touched and inspired many people.

One of the things that sets Artistic Alliances apart from other artists is her ability to create visual representations of her art and photography in metaverses. This allows her to offer a 3D experience to her audience, giving them the feeling of walking through a real gallery.

As an artist, Artistic Alliances is very active and involved in the art community. She forms alliances with other artists and often organizes exhibitions and events where her work is showcased. Currently, she plans to go to New York where her art will soon be on display. This is a great opportunity for art lovers to view her work and support her.

If you’re interested in digital art, or just looking for an inspiring artist to follow, then Artistic Alliances is definitely a name to keep an eye on. Her work is beautiful and unique, and her dedication to forming alliances with others through art is admirable. She has drawn this beautiful mumzel below on which you can vote.

This mumzel was created with the power of AI (scenario.com) from Artistic Alliances submission. This one will be a NFT on the blockchain for Arti Alli in the Mumzelhunt special Editions


Dusty, or as his mom likes to call him, Dustydude42079, is a man of many talents and interests. He’s a devoted husband and dad, which is impressive considering he’s also the “pizza guy” – meaning he either loves pizza or delivers it for a living, or maybe both.

When he’s not slinging pies, Dusty loves to be outside, exploring nature by kayaking and hiking. He’s not one to let obstacles get in his way, as evidenced by his positive outlook on life and his determination to always move forward.

In the art world, Dusty may have a broken arm, but that doesn’t stop him from inspiring others with his creativity. He recently gave a prompt for a mumzel, proving that even with a bum limb, he’s still a force to be reckoned with.

Overall, Dusty is a guy who loves life and lives it to the fullest. He’s a man of many hats (or maybe pizza toppings?) who always tries to stay positive and make the most out of every situation. 👊

A mumzel by Dusty

who will steal your pie and float away

This mumzel was created with the power of AI (scenario.com) from Dustydude42079.eth submission.This one will be a NFT on the blockchain for Dusty in the Mumzelhunt special Editions

Lucia PV

Lucia PVwas passionate about two things – NFTs and nature. She found inspiration in nature, especially animals, which she found cute and sweet. Her two dogs, Floki and Dexter, were her constant companions. LuciaPV was a valued member of the NFT community, and her digital art, often inspired by nature, was highly sought after.

She recently created a beautiful image of her dogs and mummies Sparkle and Chirpy, all wet from swimming, which captured the essence of her passions. LuciaPV’s love for nature and animals was reflected in her art and touched the hearts of many.

This mumzel was created with the power of AI (scenario.com) from Lucia PV submission.This one will be a NFT on the blockchain for Lucia in the Mumzelhunt special Editions


TP is a supporter of the Youmanz Club NFTs and hails from the most beautiful country in the world, where everyone dreams of backpacking and where you can find both the cutest and the most dangerous animals. Australia is also known for its lovely accent and special creatures like Mumzels. Although I am not sure if TP has an Australian accent, whenever I think of her, I am reminded of the Australian outback, opals, crocodiles, and the joy of living in a beautiful country.

As a fan of NFTs and a supporter of various projects, I highly recommend following TP-wishbone on Twitter and voting for her Mumzel prompt. It is a fantastic idea that showcases her creative talent.

Doing the Mumzel dance

The Hokey-Pokey Mumzels

This mumzel was created with the power of AI (scenario.com) from Tpwishbone submission.This one will be a NFT on the blockchain for Tp in the Mumzelhunt special Editions

Thank you for voting for the participants!

The winner of the 1/1 Mumzel will be announced on Monday, March 27th. The participants also have the opportunity to transform into a custom Mumzel, which they will receive in the special edition Mumzels.

You can also check out the projects of the Mumzelhunt participants as they are amazing artists and members of our NFT community whose work and projects are worth following on Twitter or other social media platforms.

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In April, new Mumzels will be available with the 3D Grounded Mumzels. All Mumzels caught by hunters are part of the special editions Mumzel collection, which will become the largest and most unique collection with different Mumzels and custom Mumzels.

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