“Night has fallen and the 3D Grounded Mumzels are released: Join the Mumzelhunt for 12 matic! “

Exciting news!

Starting tonight April 8th at 0:01 am Cest, the highly anticipated 3D grounded Mumzels will finally be released. For just 12 Matic, you can catch one of these rare creatures and become a part of the exclusive Mumzel community.

But that’s not all – your purchase grants you access to the Mumzelhunt, where you’ll have the chance to hunt more Mumzels and earn free drops and assignments in the coming months.

And if that wasn’t enough,

3D grounded Mumzelhunt owners will also receive early access and discounts on the stunning beautiful backgrounds that will be released in May. (12 matic instead of 15 matic)

With their cute eyes and vibrant colors, the 3D grounded Mumzels are sure to become prized possessions for any collector. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join the Mumzel Hunt and show off your unique find. Get your Mumzel today and start your journey towards becoming a legendary Mumzel hunter!

“Keep an eye on our website, Discord, and Twitter in the coming days because we’re GIVING AWAY a Mumzel Cap once we reach 5000 followers on Twitter.”

“Get ready for some excitement! Keep a close watch on our website, Discord, and Twitter in the coming days, because we’re giving away a cool Mumzel Cap to one lucky winner once we hit 5000 followers on Twitter.

Don’t miss out on this chance to rock the coolest cap in town – follow us now and join in the fun!”

caps to choose from

Gepubliceerd door The Mumzels

"Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night? Don't be afraid, it's probably the Mumzels! The Mumzels are creatures that live around us at night, searching for food and items they like to take back to their nest. They can be recognized by their big eyes and feelers on their heads, but they are not easily seen by humans as they consider us dangerous. We have all experienced waking up to an empty cookie jar or misplacing something, only to find it later. This is likely the work of Mumzels in your home. The Mumzels started as a children's book in 2012 and made their way into the NFT, crypto, and Web3 world in February 2022. In addition to their own English blog website, they are also active on social media like Twitter and various NFT communities."

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