In the Heart of Canine City: A Heist for the Metaland Wolfpack

A Tale of Collaboration: The Mumzels and Metaland Wolf Pack NFT Giveaway

The Mumzels and the Metaland Wolf Pack have joined forces to create a unique collaboration NFT, which we are excited to offer as a giveaway. This special NFT features the story of Moonclaw and Nightshade, two wolves on a mission to steal the playing cards that would reveal the locations of the imprisoned members of the Metaland Wolfpack. Along the way, they encounter a rare and reclusive species known as the Mumzels, who offer them a golden whitelist device to gain access to Shadowfang’s club.

The collaboration NFT combines elements of both the Mumzels and the Metaland Wolf Pack, making it a truly one-of-a-kind creation. It showcases the distinctive Film Noir/modern fashion theme of the Metaland Wolf Pack, along with the exceptional senses and valuable AI technology used by the Mumzels.

By entering the giveaway, you will have the opportunity to own this special NFT and become a part of the Metaland Wolf Pack community. The whitelist device featured in the story also grants access to the upcoming NFT project for the Metaland Wolf Pack, allowing you to secure your place in this exciting new venture.

Don’t miss out on this chance to own a piece of this unique collaboration between The Mumzels and the Metaland Wolf Pack. Enter the giveaway now and join the pack!

In the Heart of Canine City: The Mission to Free the Metaland Wolfpack

In the heart of Canine City, Moonclaw and Nightshade were on a mission to steal the playing cards that would reveal the locations of the imprisoned members of the Metaland Wolfpack. They knew they had to act fast, as Shadowfang and his minions were hot on their trail.

The two wolves scouted the city, searching for any clue that would lead them to the cards. They were starting to lose hope when they stumbled upon a small, furry creature in an alleyway. It was a Mumzel, a rare and reclusive species known for their exceptional senses.

The Mumzel offered to help the wolves in exchange for a small favor. They needed to retrieve a valuable artifact that had been stolen from them by one of Shadowfang’s henchmen. Without hesitation, Moonclaw and Nightshade agreed to help.

With the Mumzel’s guidance, the two wolves found themselves at the doorstep of Shadowfang’s club. It was heavily guarded, and gaining entry would be no easy feat. That was until the Mumzel pulled out a small, golden device.

“This is a whitelist,” the Mumzel explained. “It will grant you access to the club. I can also offer you a discount on the entry fee.”

Moonclaw and Nightshade were overjoyed. They had finally found a way into the club, and with the Mumzel’s help, they could guarantee themselves a spot at the table where Shadowfang would be playing his dangerous game.

But they couldn’t do it alone. They needed a team of brave citizens to help them infiltrate the club and retrieve the playing cards. Moonclaw and Nightshade decided to offer the extra five spots on their team to the citizens of Canine City.

As the news spread throughout the city, many brave souls came forward, eager to help free the Metaland Wolfpack. Moonclaw and Nightshade trained them in the art of stealth and strategy, and soon they were ready to storm the club.

The night of the heist arrived, and Moonclaw, Nightshade, and their team of citizens made their way into the club. They snuck past the guards, avoided the traps, and finally reached the room where Shadowfang was playing his game.

With precision and skill, they stole the playing cards right from under Shadowfang’s nose. The room erupted in chaos as Shadowfang and his minions realized what was happening. But Moonclaw, Nightshade, and the citizens of Canine City fought bravely, using their wits and strength to escape with the cards and their lives.

So they can now go find the other wolves. Moonclaw and Nightshade encourage the 5 citizens to use the whitelist spot to go find the wolves and help them in their search.

Introducing Metaland Wolfpack: A PFP Project Focused on Art and Community Building.

Introducing Metaland Wolfpack, a unique and exciting pfp (profile picture) project with a focus on art and community building. The project was founded by Ryne a year ago, but when he had to put it on hold due to personal reasons, a team of six people stepped up to bring it to life.

So, what is Metaland Wolfpack all about? First and foremost, it’s a pfp project that revolves around the theme of Film Noir/modern fashion. The project features a 6K Collection, an extra “Exclusives Collection” for airdrops and custom wolves, and a mint price that is yet to be announced.

However, Metaland Wolfpack is more than just a pfp project. It’s a community, with the mentality of a wolf pack. The project aims to build a strong and loyal community, and to do so, it has implemented custom wolves. These are Metaland Wolfpack NFTs that will be designed by members of the community and airdropped to their wallets. Winners will be able to choose from a dedicated list of traits and colorways, as well as one personal trait that will make their NFT a one-of-a-kind creation.

The goal is to give the community the opportunity to become creative and be a part of Metaland Wolfpack. As the name implies, the project is all about building a strong pack mentality, and the custom wolves are a perfect way to do just that.

At this point, the mint price, mint date, and utilities of the project have been partly revealed. However, it’s clear that Metaland Wolfpack is a unique and exciting project that combines art, community, and creativity in a way that’s sure to attract attention. With a team of six dedicated individuals working to bring it to life, Metaland Wolfpack is definitely a project to watch in the coming months.