Free Drop ! Mumzel Tristie

Free drop for all Mumzelholders

Upcoming Sunday, we will be dropping this enchanting Mumzel with a story to all Mumzelholders. Do you own a Mumzel from our official Mumzel account on Show it on our tweet on twitter , and we’ll drop Mumzel Tristi to you on Sunday !

Mumzel Tristi

It was in the middle of the night and I was sleeping in bed. Suddenly I woke up, I heard strange noises coming from the hallway. Half sleepy I listened again. I thought the cats were playing and tried to go back to sleep but one of my cats started growling. Then i heard a lot of other noises in the hallway, a kind of screamings of fear . I got out of my bed and went to look .. there I saw my cat Senna with something in his mouth and it wasn’t not a mouse ..

I turned on the light and saw a creature .. could it really be? The last mumzel I saw was when I was 8 years old.. I tried to catch Senna by slowly walking to her, but as I was getting closer she ran downstairs. I quickly followed Senna. She was sitting under the couch and still had the mumzel in her mouth.

I grabbed a fly swatter and tried to get to Senna hoping Senna released the mumzel. After sliding the fly swatter a few times over the floor, Senna crawled out from under the couch and wanted to run upstairs.

I could just grabbed her by the tail causing her to let go of the mumzel. The mumzel was now in front of me and I picked him up. He felt very soft and really was a fluffy ball with very cute balls of blades on his head. He also mumzel had very big eyes. He was a bit crouched in my palms. “You don’t have to be afraid mumzel” I said to him and he looked at me very carefully .

“Are you hurt?” I asked, without knowing if he could understand me. ” Can you talk?” The mumzel started to make noises, it sounded like a song, but he was clearly trying to say something. I call it “Mumzeling.”

The mumzel  tried to stand up while he was talking .. He pointed to the ground and I carefully put him down when he was mumzeling. He walked towards the window. I didn’t understand him yet but followed the mumzel to the window . He pointed up and I opened the window. The mumzel climbed through the stove on the windowsill ..

He was mumzeling something at me like “gmaned tristi tristi” and waved at me, then jumped out of the window. I still looked after him but didn’t saw him anymore ..

I forgot to ask what his name was. “Gmaned tristi tristi”, what would it mean??

I named the mumzel “Tristie” for that moment until I knew his real name because for the same goes he just said hello…

Below you see Mumzel Tristi from the very first mumzel collection. this was the first mumzel we made in NFT.