The Lonely Mumzel Miko

The Lonely Mumzel Miko

Once upon a time, there was a little Mumzel named Miko. Miko had just left his parental nest, full of expectations and desires to explore the world. He wandered through meadows and forests, met other Mumzels, but he felt lonely without a companion to share his adventures with.

On a fine morning, while Miko was strolling along a babbling brook, he encountered another Mumzel named Lina. She was just as curious and adventurous as Miko. They engaged in conversation, shared stories, and soon a deep friendship blossomed.

The two Mumzels began to embark on adventures together, exploring the world and relishing each other’s company. Miko realised he no longer wanted to be alone and asked Lina if she would come live with him. Happily, Lina agreed, and they decided to construct their own cozy nest.

Together, they savoured sunsets, danced beneath the moon, and chuckled at the amusing adventures they experienced. Miko was delighted he was no longer alone and wondered if other Mumzels in the world had also found the joy of companionship. So, tell me, do you prefer to be alone or with someone else?


The Lonely Mumzel miko for 10 matic as an NFT and receive a Free Mumzel story every week until February 2024.