The first Mumzel 2D collection

below you see the first Mumzel 2D collection of 50 different Mumzels.

each Mumzel has its own character and story .

On the Mumzel website we also write several Blogs in which the Mumzels come back.

each Mumzel also has its own Rarity Level (number of different copies).

There are a few advantages to this first collection for artists or companies buying a Mumzel and join the Mumzel family.

such as blogging about your own project and your name-project is mentioned in the World of the Mumzels.

not all Mumzels with multiple copies will all be sold.
of the Mumzels with Rarity levels 1 to 4,
only a part of the Mumzels will be sold at this time.
if these copies of a specific mumzel are sold out,
the price of the last copies of that specific mumzel will go up 10x.

New collection in the making

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