What did the Mumzels get up to in March?

What did the Mumzels get up to in March?

The past month has been anything but uneventful for the Mumzels. We’ve been busy buying NFTs from other artists, selling some of our own creations, and unleashing the Mumzels in the dark. We’ve also engaged in various activities with the Mumzelhunters that lasted well into the night. Simultaneously, we’ve been experimenting with different AI tools and using them to create a range of new and exciting works. In short, we’ve been up to quite a bit and are eager to share our experiences with our audience.

The Mumzels in the Dark were released on March 8th, and a total of 15 have been caught so far. All of the free Mumzels that the hunters were able to catch last month have been almost caught, but Mumzelhunters can still catch 1 or 2 Mumzels until April 8th.

If they catch an Early Portraits Mumzel, a Mumzel in the Dark, and a 3D Grounded Mumzel before April 8th, they will receive one Mumzel,

and if they purchase a 3D Grounded Mumzel at a discount before April 8th, they will receive another.

All hunters who purchase a Mumzel from a particular collection will be eligible for a discount on the next collection before it is made public.

Welcome New Hunters

Thanks for buying a Mumzel in the dark and trusting the Mumzels, hopefully you’ll catch even more Mumzels in free drops or quests in the coming months.

The release schedule for the Mumzels is as follows:

  • on February 8th, there were Early Portraits, with 10 Different Mumzels for 3 Matic each. (sold out)
  • On March 8th, there were Mumzels in the Dark, with 20 for 6 Matic (or 5 Matic with an Early Portraits Mumzel) (still 5 available for 6 matic)
  • On April 8th, there will be 3D Grounded Mumzels, with 25 mumzels for 12 Matic (or 9 Matic with a Mumzel in the Dark) (Public April 8th )
  • On May 8th, the Mumzels will come with beautiful backgrounds, with 40 Mumzels for 15 Matic (or 12 Matic with a 3D Grounded Mumzel). (uploading)
  • on June 8th, the Rainbow Edges Mumzels will be released, which will cost 20 Matic (or 15 Matic with a beautiful background). (uploaded in april/may)

Every month between the collections, Mumzelhunters have the opportunity to hunt for more free Mumzels by participating in tasks, buying multiple Mumzels, or just by getting free drops. Last month, we had the “Draw a Mumzel” task, which rewarded hunters with different Mumzels and some free drops, such as a Mumzel with a story in it.

Catched A Mumzel from the Hunt collections?

Once you have caught a Mumzel from one of the Mumzelhunt collections, you can participate in all the free drops and tasks until July. Additionally, buying multiple Mumzels from different or the same collections is also rewarded with more Mumzels, which we will give away in July. In June, the last paid collection will be released, and until July, you can still catch free Mumzels. After that, there will be a summer break, and the plans for the summer will be announced.

3D grounded Mumzels on 8 April

As you read above, the next collection, 3D Grounded Mumzels, will be released on April 8. Hunters who have caught a Mumzel in the Dark can purchase a 3D Grounded Mumzel for 9 matic, while for the public they will be 12 matic. There are still 5 Mumzels in the Dark available for purchase, which allows you to participate in the free drops and assignments. However, if you want to collect more special Mumzels, I recommend buying a Mumzel from as many Mumzelhunt collections as possible. We keep track of how many Mumzels someone has caught and which ones they are.

Next month, there will be more free Mumzels to catch, and we will announce how many in the coming week. As the King’s birthday and Easter are celebrated in the Netherlands, there is a good chance that the Mumzels will do something special for these occasions. If you want to participate, buy your Mumzel in the Dark today so that you can be the first to purchase your 3D Grounded Mumzel at a discount before they are made public.

The Mumzels that can be caught in April for the Hunters

Troglodyte Mint Sold Out !!

Last month, Troglodyte Society held their Mint for 1 matic and all 10,000 NFTs were sold. The Mumzels also collected some, and we sold some of them and bought new ones. The Mumzels flipped NFTs for the first time and found a very rare Troglodyte that we are keeping. The floor price of the Troglodyte went from 1 matic to 5 matic in just a few days for the normal NFTs, and the rare ones have become even more valuable. You need one of these Polygon Trogs to be able to mint their latest collection on the ETH network in the future with a great artist as the creator for their new Troglodytes LurkLovesyou. They have also entered into other major collaborations, making it very interesting for holders to own one or more troglodytes. Check out their website or Twitter quickly.

The Troglodyte Society is an NFT project and charity to give communities and children in sierra leone a better life by supporting them with school materials, clothing, food and money. in the future they want to expand this project by being able to offer more to the children there for more information go to their website.

New York is coming !

Cynthia Steenkamp is going !

Yesterday, the Mumzels participated in an auction to purchase a Funky Heart from Cynthia Steenkamp. The Mumzels had been searching for a beautiful funky heart for a while and saw their chance in this auction. In a few days, Cynthia will be attending a New York NFT event where she will meet various other artists from our community and showcase her project and art to more NFT enthusiasts. Do you not want to miss out on Cynthia’s adventures in New York? Then give her a follow on Twitter so that you don’t miss out, and who knows, you might have a funky heart in your wallet before you know it.

The Mumzels are using AI Generator Scenario.com

Some of you may already know this, but others may not. The current collection of Mumzels (Mumzel Hunt) was created using the AI software from Scenario.com. We inputted all of our previous Mumzels into this AI generator and taught it how to create Mumzels. This was the first AI capable of making Mumzels, and we plan to create many more using this software in the coming months.

But this software can do more than just create Mumzels. It’s amazing that an AI generator can learn your style. Last week, the Mumzels also created another generator that can create other creatures. We hope to make this generator public soon or allow you to create these creatures using our designed generator in the Mumzel Discord (this is alpha – your own generators in your own Discord). This is exciting news that is still in development, so make sure to follow us and Scenario for the latest news. Who knows what we will release next!

We will also be creating a comprehensive blog post about Scenario.com soon, so stay tuned for that.

The Mumzels Won a Price in The Playground

IlkesOrbit.eth has released a new collection The Playland , well, a new collection in a sense. It’s more of a raffle, where anyone who buys one of their NFTs can enter three raffles to win prizes. The Mumzels won the very first raffle and received 0.02 ETH. Thank you so much for this prize! If you want to win too, buy your entry ticket now.

The Mumzels Story’s

The Mumzels have been playing around with various AI tools this past month, such as Scenario.com, Elevenlabs, Bing, Picsart, staryAI, GPT-4, and a few others. This has allowed us to create a number of stories about the Mumzels as well as other things. Below, you can find some of these videos and stories!

Mumzel Story: When i was young

Flurry an Twikky on a adventure searching for food

Story: Strange Noises

Rainbow Dragon Quest

Mumzels Won A Taco

Delicious food, but also available as NFTs. With a bit of guacamole, you’ll lick your fingers clean. However, when you look at the NFTs, they are too cute to eat. The Mumzels are happy to be part of the Taco community and have won a Taco. If you haven’t heard of it yet, I would highly recommend checking out Tacotribe.eth, a very fun NFT project with delicious Tacos.

check out the NFTs and choose your own delicious taco

The Mumzels Bought also some other NFT’s in March

“This NFT was created by an 8-year-old girl, Isla, the daughter of Jay Stansfield. Her collection consists of 500 different Pizza Heads. Buy your own Pizza Head here…!”


“The Mumzels also bought an NFT from Skurpy Town. We were listening in space and decided to buy one. Skurpy has his own project, a social media platform, and hosts popular Spaces where artists can talk about their projects on Twitter. The Mumzels haven’t spoken in his Spaces yet, but who knows what the future holds. If you want to learn more about Skurpy, check out their Twitter account.”

“The Mumzels have also purchased a 3D chimp from 3D chimp Boat Club. We are in the NFTGang of Moneyrat together to support and help each other, and when I saw this cute ape, I thought I should buy it. You can also use his 3D apes as objects in other software.”

The Mumzels have been so busy this past month that we may have even forgotten to mention some things in this blog post. Right now, the Mumzelhunt is important to us and you can find all the information on our Discord and website. In our Discord, we have an economy where you can collect cookies and use them to get NFTs that the Mumzels have created.

We currently have two different NFTs available that you can trade for cookies on the Mumzel Discord. We also still have our webshop where we sell mumzel Merch and another opensea account where we sell NFTs from other artists on our Mumzelmarket. There’s just too much to list, but if you want to stay updated, join our Mumzel Discord or follow our blogs.

Below, you can also subscribe to our blog, and we want to thank everyone for reading and supporting us.

We also want to thank all the new Mumzelhunters for their trust in our project, and we hope you’ll catch many more Mumzels in the coming months!

Gepubliceerd door The Mumzels

"Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night? Don't be afraid, it's probably the Mumzels! The Mumzels are creatures that live around us at night, searching for food and items they like to take back to their nest. They can be recognized by their big eyes and feelers on their heads, but they are not easily seen by humans as they consider us dangerous. We have all experienced waking up to an empty cookie jar or misplacing something, only to find it later. This is likely the work of Mumzels in your home. The Mumzels started as a children's book in 2012 and made their way into the NFT, crypto, and Web3 world in February 2022. In addition to their own English blog website, they are also active on social media like Twitter and various NFT communities."

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