Mumzel Update : Mumzelhunt – Webshop and Discord

Join the Mumzelhunt today and embark on an exciting adventure to catch a multitude of Mumzels until December 31st.

Each Mumzel comes with its own unique story, adding an extra level of excitement. We launched five different hunt collections in February until june, and the first hunters had the opportunity to participate at a discounted rate. Each collection features distinct and increasingly challenging Mumzels to capture, but also offers a greater number of Mumzels to discover.

In February, there were only 10 early portrait Mumzels available, but an astonishing 50 Rainbow edges Mumzels were released this month. The first two collections, early portraits and Mumzels in the dark, are already sold out. However, there are still plenty of Mumzels waiting to be caught, allowing you to join the hunt. A total of 98 Mumzels can still be captured to become eligible for participation. The earlier you join, the more weekly drops you can seize.

If you manage to capture multiple paid Mumzels from different Mumzelhunt collections, you might even encounter special Mumzels that not all hunters can obtain. Currently, there are 22 Mumzelhunters who have collectively caught 379 Mumzels for free over the past few months.

How many have you caught already? For just 12 Matic,

you can participate and collect your own set of Mumzels while immersing yourself in their captivating stories.

Act fast because the longer you wait, the fewer Mumzels you’ll be able to capture. Below, you can find the Mumzels available for capture this month, along with their corresponding tasks and free drop opportunities.

The 5 Different Mumzelhunt collections – Dimensions

If you want to explore the Opensea collections, click on the names of the collections below

10 Mumzels for 3 matic Sold out

20 Mumzels for 6 matic Sold out

25 Mumzels for 12 matic 18 available

Hunter Price 9 matic (if you own other paid Mumzelhunt Mumzels )

40 Mumzels for 15 matic 34 available

Hunter Price 12 matic (if you own other paid Mumzelhunt Mumzels )

50 Mumzels for 20 matic 49 available

Hunter Price 15 matic (if you own other paid Mumzelhunt Mumzels )

Mumzelhunt Special Editions – Free Drops

Below, you will find the Special Editions Collection, the 6th Mumzelhunt collection that includes all the free drops and tasks. This collection is the largest and most unique of all. Within it, you will discover Mumzels with spoken stories. These particular Mumzels can only be obtained through free drops and tasks within the Mumzelhunt by purchasing one of the Mumzels from the other 5 collections. Additionally, there are a few giveaway and collaboration Mumzels included, which can only be acquired through special means.

If you have one of the special Mumzels from this collection, it does not grant you access to the weekly free drops in the Mumzelhunt. To access the weekly free drops, you can only do so by capturing Mumzels from the other 5 collections. However, you will still receive seasonal free drops on special occasions, just like all other Mumzel holders.

This past weekend, the Mumzels added a number of new designs to their webshop, and the first sales have been made! In the future, they plan to introduce even more diverse designs. The Mumzels have chosen to use Spreadshirt for their webshop because it offers convenient and affordable worldwide shipping and payment options. Additionally, Spreadshirt provides excellent customer service in case any issues arise.

We have created a raffle on Discord that will run until June 30th. For 1000 cookies, you can purchase a ticket for a chance to win one of the five Mumzel NFTs. If this raffle proves successful, we plan to add more raffles in the future. You can earn cookies by being active, participating in conversations, or playing games.


The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear One day, a little “mumzel” was happily strolling on a high mountain, enjoying the breathtaking view. Suddenly, an imposing polar bear appeared, hungry and curious. The polar bear decided to eat the little “mumzel”, but just as it was about to happen, a wise mumzel wizard happened to pass by. The mumzel…

Mumzel mumzel

“Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,where do my keys wander mysteriously?Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,what are you concocting in the nocturnal fire? Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,who whispers to me in the silent sleep?Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,where are my cookies with the morning sun? Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,which shadow savored my candy last night?Mumzel,…

Sticky Tongue

Sticky tongue On top of our house, the little “mumzel” awoke as darkness fell. In winter, it got dark early, but the “mumzel” had to be careful because people were still active in the dark. It was icy cold, and the roof tiles were slippery. If the “mumzel” wasn’t careful, he could slide down. Fortunately,…