What did the Mumzels in June? F-cancer , Other projects , Mumzelhunt and 3D

Introduction for the blog about what the Mumzels have been up to

Dear Mumzel fans, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here: the Rainbow Edges Mumzelhunt collection has been released! That’s right, you can now embark on a hunt for these colorful Mumzels and enjoy exciting challenges and free Mumzel drops every week until December 31th. And you know what? There’s often a whole story behind those drops too!

But that’s not all, our Mumzels have shown that they’re not just focused on themselves. They have also supported other projects and NFTs. We’ve even created a Mumzel NFT to support F-Cancer. Amazing, right? And let’s not forget our Mumzel webshop! We’ve added new designs, so take a look quickly. And as the icing on the cake, we have organized a free Mumzel drop for ALL our loyal 190 Mumzel holders.

Mumzelhunt Rainbow Edges

The rainbow edges mumzels have been set free on 8th of June and they are up for grabs! This was the final paid collection and there are still 49 mumzels available out of the original 50. Together with the other mumzel hunt collections, there are now 98 mumzels that can be captured. Get ready to participate in the mumzel hunt and complete some exciting missions! The hunt will continue until 31st of December, and every week, hunters will receive a free mumzel drop, often accompanied by an entertaining story. These mumzels will all be part of the mumzel hunt special editions. So, grab your gear and get ready to embark on a whimsical mumzel adventure!

The 5 Different Mumzelhunt collections – Dimensions

If you want to explore the Opensea collections, click on the names of the collections below

10 Mumzels for 3 matic Sold out

20 Mumzels for 6 matic Sold out

25 Mumzels for 12 matic 18 available

Hunter Price 9 matic (if you own other paid Mumzelhunt Mumzels )

40 Mumzels for 15 matic 34 available

Hunter Price 12 matic (if you own other paid Mumzelhunt Mumzels )

50 Mumzels for 20 matic 49 available

Hunter Price 15 matic (if you own other paid Mumzelhunt Mumzels )

Mumzelhunt Special Editions – Free Drops

Below, you will find the Special Editions Collection, the 6th Mumzelhunt collection that includes all the free drops and tasks. This collection is the largest and most unique of all. Within it, you will discover Mumzels with spoken stories. These particular Mumzels can only be obtained through free drops and tasks within the Mumzelhunt by purchasing one of the Mumzels from the other 5 collections. Additionally, there are a few giveaway and collaboration Mumzels included, which can only be acquired through special means.

If you have one of the special Mumzels from this collection, it does not grant you access to the weekly free drops in the Mumzelhunt. To access the weekly free drops, you can only do so by capturing Mumzels from the other 5 collections. However, you will still receive seasonal free drops on special occasions, just like all other Mumzel holders.

This past weekend, the Mumzels added a number of new designs to their webshop, and the first sales have been made! In the future, they plan to introduce even more diverse designs. The Mumzels have chosen to use Spreadshirt for their webshop because it offers convenient and affordable worldwide shipping and payment options. Additionally, Spreadshirt provides excellent customer service in case any issues arise.

Polygon Alliance F- Cancer Donation Event 6 July

The Polygon Alliance is organizing a charity event to support the F Cancer Foundation. Their goal is to establish Polygon as the preferred platform for NFTs and DeFi. Last year, they successfully held an NFT charity auction and raised over $2,750 for the Foundation.

This year, they are hosting their second annual charity event. The F Cancer Foundation is dedicated to eliminating the threat of cancer through funding, education, advocacy, and patient support. The Polygon Alliance’s NFT charity auction presents an excellent opportunity to contribute to the Foundation’s cause. It is a highly anticipated event for Polygon Alliance members, art enthusiasts, and Foundation supporters. The auction will feature unique digital art donated by artists worldwide, highlighting the potential of NFTs in revolutionizing the art industry. Individuals can get involved by becoming sponsors or donating NFTs, with every contribution making a significant impact in the fight against cancer.

The Mumzels have also created an NFT that will be auctioned during the event. If you also want to support F cancer, why not participate in the event on July 6th?

The Mumzels: A Month of NFT Adventures and Artistic Discoveries

In the wacky world of the past month, the mumzels have once again dabbled in the delightful realm of NFTs from various projects. We’ve managed to snag a few as generous gifts, while others were bought with much enthusiasm. Prepare to be amazed as we present to you the extraordinary artists and their marvelous projects!


We’ve won this crazy NFT during a drawing contest by the one and only UrbanDragons! The dragon, brightly colored by the Little Mumzel Children, was the absolute showstopper. We’re now flaunting our artistic skills like we’re the next Picasso!

Digi Caps

Sometimes you stumble upon other artists and get to know more about their projects. Just like the Wastleland, where you can gobble up Digicaps that fascinated the Mumzels. Collecting Caps to find your way to a habitable zone, how it all ends… well, you’ll find out soon enough. Or have I already spilled too many beans?


We received a vacation NFT drop from Octopeeps, probably because he was enjoying himself at the beach. The mumzels are thrilled with their new acquisition and wish the octopeeps a splashing summer (literally, because they love water).

Metaland Wolfpack

On the 3rd of this month, the Mumzels struck gold and snagged an NFT. Meanwhile, the Metaland wolfpack also had a roaring success with their very first mint. All 777 wolves vanished faster than a speeding bullet! And guess what? The last 2 collab NFTs between the Mumzels and the Wolfs found new homes through a hilarious giveaway. Those NFTs are quite the social butterflies!


Who doesn’t love Tacos? And if you don’t, then these tacos are too cute not to collect. Last month, the mumzels received a free treat because they reached 1000 holders. Will you be the 1001st holder? Or even the 2000th holder of these delicious tacos and incredible community?

Feather Frogs

Last month, the Featherfrogs hit the jackpot with their first batch of 2000 NFTs, which, if the mumzels are to be believed, have been completely minted. Soon, these NFTs will transform into magnificent frogs. Are you curious to see what kind of frogs will hop out and how they will evolve? Take a peep at their Twitter account for more Featherfrogs fun! 🐸💚

Artistic Alliances

The very first Father’s Day gift the Mumzels received for Father’s Day 2023, Artistic Alliances was even faster than Mumzel’s own children. But we are delighted with the beautiful orange crown and stylish glasses underneath. I feel like a king of riches. Thank you very much!

Drippy Bullz

In the month of June, the Drippy Bullz mint was on fire! We had a fantastic bunch of bulls who were just crazy about graffiti art. If you were lucky enough to mint one or more bullz, you also got the chance to mint some fabulous collab NFTs for free! And as if that wasn’t enough, we even had a bingo extravaganza this month. It’s been a wild ride, folks!

Dave Swinbank

The Mumzels have also collected various blogs from Dave to support him and F-cancer. He donates the proceeds from the blog to F-cancer. Dave writes weekly blogs on various topics in the NFT and Polygon community, often sharing interesting subjects from his personal perspective. If you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you waiting for?

The Mumzels first Baby steps in 3D

The mumzels are taking their first baby steps in 3D! They’re busy building 3D mumzels and getting acquainted with the software for creating 3D objects. In the early days, we were all about making mumzels in 3D and learning how to work with the software. But later in the month, we decided to have some fun by testing out game controls. The mumzel hunters can now control our very first moving mumzel with a link sent through the Twitter group. So, if you want to see it too, I suggest joining the mumzelhunt and getting exclusive sneak peeks at what the mumzels are up to. As for what the mumzels will do with 3D, it’s not entirely clear yet. We have plenty of ideas, but the real question is how much the mumzels themselves can develop. Let’s watch and see!

Free Mumzel Drop for all 190 Holders

Last month, we totally hooked up all 190 lucky holders with a gratis Mumzel story! Talk about generosity, right? Our cute little mumzels always rely on Dropys to send those precious NFTs to multiple peeps all at once. And hey, if you happen to have a Mumzel but haven’t gotten your hands on the legendary Mumzel Tristi, fret not! The mumzels are itching to hear about it! Hit ’em up on Twitter and let ’em know what’s up!

The Mumzels would also like to thank Dustydude42079 and SusanWebfun for the Mumzel giveaways they organized last week for their own community and friends.
We greatly appreciate this and are extremely grateful to both of you. Thank you so much!

Last month, we organized a raffle on Discord where 1000 cookies were up for grabs. There were 3 winners who received a Mumzel NFT each. This month, we are hosting a new raffle on Discord. You can earn cookies by being active, participating in conversations, or playing games.

You can earn cookies by being active, participating in conversations, or playing games.


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