Mumzelhunt: Carrot Cake or Blueberry ice cream?

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Carrot Cake or Blueberry ice cream?

Once upon a time, in Mumzeldorf under the rooftiles, lived two mischievous Mumzels named Lila and Finn. Lila was yellow-pink, and Finn was blue-purple. They were best friends, but occasionally, they would have small disagreements.

On a beautiful summer evening, as the sun slowly set and the aromas of delicious food wafted through the village, Lila and Finn started to argue about what to eat for dinner.

Lila crossed her arms and said, “I feel like having a juicy carrot cake tonight, Finn! Carrots are so crunchy and tasty. Let’s eat that.”

Finn shook his head and replied, “No, no, Lila! I’d rather have a big bowl of blueberry ice cream. It’s so refreshing and sweet, just what we need on this warm evening.”

Lila furrowed her brow and exclaimed, “But Finn, we always have ice cream! It’s time to try something different. Carrot cake is healthy and delicious. We should just give it a try!”

Finn folded his arms and stubbornly said, “I don’t want carrot cake! I want my favorite ice cream. It melts in my mouth and makes me so happy. Please, let’s have ice cream.”

Lila and Finn looked at each other, their faces filled with disappointment. They realized that their argument was leading nowhere and that it was more important to have fun together.

Lila smiled and reached out her hand to Finn. “Okay, Finn, let’s do it differently. Let’s have a little carrot cake and then we can have ice cream for dessert. That way, we’ll both be happy!”

Finn thought for a moment and then nodded in agreement. “That sounds like a fair deal, Lila. Let’s put our argument behind us and enjoy our dinner together!”

And so, the argument between Lila and Finn came to an end. They hugged each other and ran hand in hand back home, ready to savor a delightful meal consisting of carrot cake followed by refreshing blueberry ice cream. In Mumzeldorf under the rooftiles, there was always room for friendship and fun, even when disagreements arose.

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