What have the Mumzels been doing in July and August?

What have the Mumzels been doing in July and August?

The Mumzels were so ecstatic in July that they went into full-on creative mode! With their unstoppable energy, they decided to combine the blogs for July and August to give you an extra dose of Mumzel excitement. Let’s dive into these past months of absolute Mumzel awesomeness and get a sneak peek of what’s in store for the future!

First things first,

The Mumzels got their hands on some incredible NFTs! They not only received a few as gifts but also purchased some from other talented artists. Can you believe it? The Mumzels are building their digital art empire!

But that’s not all—the Mumzelhunt is still going strong!

Countless tales have been unveiled, captured by the daring Mumzelhunters. The stories are expanding, growing into new horizons, and captivating audiences like never before. It’s a truly magical experience!

And oh, mark your calendars, folks!

September is a momentous month because the Mumzels Adventures will be celebrating their first anniversary! Can you imagine? An entire year of Mumzel goodness! Brace yourself for a spectacular celebration as we once again promote this incredible collection and offer you the chance to join the Mumzelhunt. Yep, you read that right—weekly Mumzel captures await!

But wait, there’s more!

The Mumzels have been working tirelessly on creating Mumzelhunters, unique characters that will be featured in the Mumzelhunt stories and even in a brand new collection next year. This means the thrill of the hunt will continue well into the future, keeping the excitement alive year after year!

And if you haven’t heard the news yet,

the Mumzels now have a fantastic Mumzelhunt webshop on Redbubble! It’s packed with all sorts of Mumzel goodies that enthusiasts like you have been snatching up. Don’t miss out on the chance to show your Mumzel love with some awesome merch!

Hold on tight,

because the Mumzels are just getting started. With their passionate drive and unstoppable creativity, they’ll continue to dazzle, inspire, and keep you on the edge of your seat. Keep following their incredible journey—it’s a whirlwind of enchantment you won’t want to miss!

Lets Start the Blog!

First things first,

Once upon a time in a land of crypto madness, the mischievous mumzels embarked on a wild NFT-buying spree! They snatched up NFTs like there was no tomorrow, from Artists, Songs of Eden, and even the notorious FuckCancer event. Oh, and let’s not forget the legendary blogs of Davc_S, where truth and spicy opinions collide!

But hold on tight, dear reader, for the mumzels didn’t just buy NFTs — they scored some nifty free drops too! Thanks to Octopeeps, Digicaps, and Tacotribe, their virtual treasure chest overflowed with digital goodies. It was a crypto bonanza!

In the midst of this whirlwind,

Songs of Eden orchestrated a grand masterpiece called the Midipunkz “Good Morning” song. Picture this: people from all corners of the globe coming together to showcase their linguistic skills, all in the name of saying “good morning”! And guess what? You can now purchase this melodic wonder in the form of an NFT on the Polygon blockchain. How cool is that?

Now, let’s talk about a noble cause amidst the chaos.

The marvellous FuckCancer event united talented souls who fought against the disease called cancer. They poured their creativity into artwork, music, and more, raising over 6000 Matic for the noble cause. Huzzah for art that battles the bad Disease!

But wait, there’s more! The mischievous mumzels themselves created an NFT and handed it over to the fierce bidding warriors. Oh, the thrill of the auction!

So let’s tip our hats to Octopeeps, Digicaps, and the Tacotribe for their generous freebies during the summer months.

Remember, folks, these projects are just the tip of the iceberg! Whether you’re a taco enthusiast, a lover of quirky sea creatures, or an avid collector of bottle caps in a post-apocalyptic world, there’s something out there for everyone.

want to read me? click on the image

And of course,

we can’t forget Davc_S‘s epic blogs. They’re like a roller coaster ride through the mind of a Web3 explorer, dishing out valuable information, unfiltered opinions, and fantastic tales. They’re an absolute delight to read!

Last but not least,

the mischievous mumzels also dipped their toes into selling NFTs from other projects. Troglodyte Society, anyone? Brace yourselves, because their newest collection is about to drop, and it’s bound to take the crypto world by storm. But that’s not all—these crypto enthusiasts are on a mission to fulfill the dreams of underprivileged children in Sierra Leone. They’re making sure these young souls have access to education, clothing, and a well-being center. It’s crypto with a heart!

So there you have it, dear reader, a tale of NFT adventures, collaborations, and heroic endeavors. The mischievous mumzels never cease to amaze us with their crypto-fueled escapades. Stay tuned for more thrilling chapters in their journey through the enchanting world of Web3!

Sounds Good Right?

It will soon be even more exciting as more Mumzels are coming. Keep Reading!

The Mumzelhunt is still going strong!

The Mumzelhunt is still going strong and in the past weeks, the Hunters have been able to enjoy some fantastic Mumzel stories that they receive as free drops in the Mumzelhunt. This month, there are still a few mumzels to be caught, and soon we will announce the mumzels for September. Currently, there are over 600 mumzels spread across 22 Mumzelhunters. To participate in the hunt, you must first capture a mumzel from the Mumzelhunt collections! 3D grounded mumzels are available for 12 matic, beautiful background mumzels for 15 matic, and rainbow edges for 20 matic. Once you have captured one, you will be added to the hunt and receive weekly drops. Currently, this will continue until the end of the year, but there are even more exciting things to come next year.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Well, well, well… brace yourselves,

because we are about to drop some serious insider info! We couldn’t bear the thought of keeping you in suspense until next year, so hold onto your hats as we sprinkle a tiny sneak peek upon you. Get ready for some mind-blowing revelations! 🎉😄


Can you believe it? Mumzels Adventures is turning 1 year old in September! What an exhilarating journey it has been! We’ve made some exciting changes to elevate your experience and make it even more thrilling.

We listened to your feedback and adjusted the pricing to enhance accessibility and inclusivity. Previously priced at 5 Matic, we have now reduced it to an incredible 1 Matic per adventure. Yes, you heard it right! Just 1 Matic for an extraordinary adventure with our beloved Mumzels.

But that’s not all! As a token of our gratitude for your continuous support, we have a special surprise in store for our loyal adventurers. For every X number of adventures minted (1x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x), you will receive a FREE Mumzel NFT adorned with a magical enchantment.

But wait, there’s more!

Brace yourself and get ready for an epic Mumzelhunt! Those adventurous souls who have minted 25 Mumzels Adventures will be added to this exclusive Mumzelhunt. Not only will you have a chance to win special Mumzels during the hunt, but you will also receive a weekly FREE Mumzeldrop! And guess what? The Mumzels Adventures you mint during the hunt will count towards your total Mumzel collection. The more adventures you collect, the higher the chances of getting your hands on those extraordinary and elusive Mumzels!

And let’s not forget about the thrilling mint prizes!

In this limited mintage, there are three extraordinary prizes waiting to be found. By minting an NFT with a pink background and the inscription “Delicious Cookie Found,” you will win a staggering 10 Matics! And if luck truly favors you and you mint the golden Mumzel NFT with the inscription “Found a Jar of Candy,” rejoice, for you will receive a mind-blowing 20 Matics!

Don’t waste another moment! The mint is already open, so gather your courage, don your adventurer’s hat, and join us on this incredible Mumzels journey! Start minting, collecting, and uncovering the extraordinary wonders that await you in the world of Mumzels Adventures!

Happy Adventuring!

Introducing: The Mumzel Hunters!

Oh boy, let me spill the beans about what we’ve been up to lately: hunting! Yup, you heard it right, we’ve been on the hunt! Now, not your typical hunting for deer or ducks, oh no! We’re talking about hunters of a different kind. We’ve been busy crafting some super cool AI tools to level up our NFTs and mumzels. And guess what? Those clever mumzels came up with the idea of adding hunters to the mix!

In the coming weeks, get ready to dive into wild tales of these daring hunters and their mumzel adventures. Oh, and brace yourself for some fashion-forward action too! Those hunters will be strutting their stuff in our webshops, rocking the latest designs on their exquisite outfits. Can you picture it? Hunter chic at its finest!

But wait, there’s more! Hold onto your hats because next year, we’ll be launching a whole new collection featuring the fabulous Mumzelhunters. I know, I know, it’s difficult to contain your excitement. We promise to spill all the juicy details soon, so stay tuned!

There you have it, a hilarious twist to our hunting journey. Happy hunting, folks!

Let the Mumzels Shine on Streets Worldwide!

Imagine a world where charming Mumzels come to life and fill the streets with their enchanting presence. A world where everyone wears their own unique Mumzel, as a true fashion statement. A Mumzel revolution, if you will!

In this vibrant future, you’ll see people walking around adorned in Mumzel t-shirts, hats, and other breathtaking items. From colorful Mumzel patterns to elegant Mumzel designs, there’s something for everyone. It would be a true Mumzelpalooza!

Imagine how the streets would shine with these adorable creatures, joyfully reflecting their own personality and style. A Mumzel here, a Mumzel there, on every street corner. It would be an enchanting and lively world, full of creativity and expression.

And who knows, perhaps other cities will be inspired by this Mumzeltastic phenomenon and start their own Mumzel movement all around the world. A Mumzel revolution spreading like a happy sea of vibrant colors and cheerfulness.

So yes, I can definitely imagine a world where Mumzels conquer the streets and everyone proudly wears their own Mumzel. Let’s bring the Mumzel magic to life and beautify the world with their adorable and lively presence!

Enjoy your Mumzel adventure and let the Mumzel dreams come true wherever you go!

Please note that this is a fictional text and does not guarantee future events. But who knows, the sky is the limit with Mumzels!

Ahoy there! Feast your eyes upon our marvelous webshops, both capable of shipping to most corners of the globe.

We tip our hats off to you, dear reader, for sticking around and discovering what shenanigans the mumzels have been up to this past month, and what mischief they have planned for the upcoming ones. Don’t forget to subscribe to our delightful blog and follow us on our social media escapades. Our Twitter adventures will surely keep you entertained!

Keep calm and mumzel on!

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