1 year anniversary of the Mumzels Adventures Mint and added to the Mumzelhunt

The Magical Mumzel Adventures Celebrate their 1st Anniversary! Join the Hunt and Unleash the Adventure!

Incredible news, dear friends! The enchanting world of Mumzels Adventures is celebrating its one-year anniversary! Can you believe it? Despite the changes in utility and price, these incredible minted Mumzels continue to captivate our hearts! And guess what? We’ve added some thrilling new features to enhance your Mumzel experience!

Now, the price for a Mumzel Adventure is just 1 Matic!

Plus, if you’re new to the Mumzel realm, your very first mint comes with a marvelous bonus—a free NFT with a spellbinding quote from the Mumzel Adventures collection. But the magic doesn’t stop there! As you embark on your journey, every 5 mints unlock even more remarkable rewards: at 5, 10, 15, 20, and at the grand milestone of 25 mints, you’ll receive an exclusive NFT with a bewitching incantation!

Mint 25 Mumzels Adventures to get Acces to the Mumzelhunt !

Here’s something truly special: once you’ve collected 25 Mumzel Adventures, you’ll not only become part of the Mumzelhunt but also claim the coveted “NFT Extra Life Mumzelhunt” if you haven’t already! Each precious Mumzel adventure you’ve gathered will contribute to your progress in the Mumzelhunt. For a taste of friendly competition, check out our leaderboard and see who’s dominating the Mumzel world!

But wait, there’s more!

Our Mumzelhunt is brimming with excitement until the 31st of December! Every week, we’ll gift you a free Mumzel NFT, often accompanied by a captivating story. What better way to spend the end of the year? And fear not, the Mumzelhunt will continue in the new year, but stay tuned for more surprises!

As a token of our gratitude to the top leaderboard achievers,

we’re planning to shower them with goodies on December 31st! Can you feel the anticipation and thrill in the air? But hold on tight—there’s an extra twist hidden within the Mumzel Adventures mint: three astonishing Matic prizes concealed in three exclusive NFTs! Two lucky adventurers will win 10 Matic each, while one exceptionally fortunate soul will claim a remarkable 20 Matic prize! Unveil the treasures by minting the NFTs and let destiny guide you!

And that’s not all!

Prepare for more Mumzel magic within the Mumzelhunt this month! By completing thrilling quests, you can capture additional precious Mumzels. Yes, you heard it right! Even if you haven’t joined the official hunt, we want to reward your dedication. Minting 3, 15, or 25 Mumzel Adventures this month will grant you an extra Mumzel to add to your collection!

So, my fellow adventurers,

if you’re truly passionate about NFTs and enthralling tales, don’t hesitate any longer! Join the Mumzel hunt and immerse yourself in the fantastical realm of Mumzel Adventures. Upon purchasing a Mumzel from one of the captivating Mumzelhunt collections, you’ll gain access to the mumzelhunt and a dedicated Twitter group where you’ll receive the latest news and hunt details. And don’t forget, once you’ve captured 25 Mumzel Adventures, you’ll join the hunt and twittergroup as well Mumzelhunter!

The 5 Different Mumzelhunt collections – Dimensions

If you want to explore the Opensea collections, click on the names of the collections below

10 Mumzels for 3 matic Sold out

20 Mumzels for 6 matic Sold out

25 Mumzels for 12 matic 17 available

40 Mumzels for 15 matic 31 available

50 Mumzels for 20 matic 45 available

1000 Mumzels for 1 matic 911 available

Mint 25 Mumzels adventures to get Acces to the Mumzelhunt !

So, let’s embrace this exhilarating journey together, dear friends!

The Mumzel world awaits, with hundreds of Mumzels already captured and countless thrilling stories shared. It’s time to let the hunt begin and become a true Mumzelhunter!

The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear One day, a little “mumzel” was happily strolling on a high mountain, enjoying the breathtaking view. Suddenly, an imposing polar bear appeared, hungry and curious. The polar bear decided to eat the little “mumzel”, but just as it was about to happen, a wise mumzel wizard happened to pass by. The mumzel…

Mumzel mumzel

“Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,where do my keys wander mysteriously?Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,what are you concocting in the nocturnal fire? Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,who whispers to me in the silent sleep?Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,where are my cookies with the morning sun? Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,which shadow savored my candy last night?Mumzel,…

Sticky Tongue

Sticky tongue On top of our house, the little “mumzel” awoke as darkness fell. In winter, it got dark early, but the “mumzel” had to be careful because people were still active in the dark. It was icy cold, and the roof tiles were slippery. If the “mumzel” wasn’t careful, he could slide down. Fortunately,…