Mumzel was awakened in the middle of the night by a rumbling stomach

The cheerful and curious creature with blue-brown hues, was awakened in the middle of the night by a rumbling stomach. His home was a cozy hollow tree not far from a house where a group of cats had claimed their territory. With utmost caution, he sneaked into the house through the cat flap, hoping for a meal. But Mumzel was well aware of the dangers, for although he was curious, he was only a small mumzel.

On the table, he discovered a bowl of fruit and a large, yellow fruit. It was a banana! Full of curiosity, Mumzel took a bite, but the taste was bitter and tough. He hesitated for a moment, but then he discovered sweet, yellow flesh inside. With determination, he tried to widen the hole in the peel, despite the challenging obstacle.

Suddenly, his ears caught loud sounds, and a cat appeared before him. Mumzel panicked and attempted to flee, but the cat grabbed him and ran outside through the cat flap. Mumzel cried out in fear as he was held by the cat, but then he heard the approaching barks of a dog. The cat released Mumzel, and there he lay, trembling with fear, on the ground. He didn’t dare to move and no longer sensed the cat’s presence. After a while, he realized that nothing was happening, and he slowly looked up. The cat had disappeared.

Mumzel quickly rushed back to his hollow tree and had learned an important lesson: “If you’ve found something sweet or delicious and want to keep it for yourself, always be on guard for potential dangers.”

How can you access the story “was awakened in the middle of the night by a rumbling stomach”

You can participate in the Mumzelhunt and have more then 30 Mumzels Catched during the hunt before 24 september 2023

obtain more information about the Mumzelhunt and the associated collections by clicking on the link below. On this page, you will find extensive details about the Mumzelhunt and the various NFT collections featuring mumzels on the Polygon blockchain.

Mumzelhunt consists of various NFT collections featuring mumzels on the Polygon blockchain.

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