Spotted a blue mumzel

Hey Hunter,

Have you also spotted that striking blue Mumzel? It’s hard to miss with such a vibrant color! Do you see it moving? I wonder what it could be up to. Perhaps it’s hunting for prey or simply basking in the sun. Should we attempt to catch it before it disappears into the bushes again? It could be an exciting adventure to get a closer look at this mysterious creature!

Step into the enchanting world of Mumzels,

Where adventure and art converge in a unique and challenging quest. As a true Mumzel hunter, you can embark on your journey in two thrilling ways.

The first option is to venture into the winding corridors of Opensea, where five exclusive paid Mumzelhunt collections await you. Here, with the help of the powerful Matic token, you can acquire a Mumzel and gain access to this epic Mumzel story, which you will receive as a free NFT.

But for those who embrace the thrill of adventure and chance, there’s a second path. Enter the enchanting realm of Mumzels Adventures Mint, where you have the opportunity to mint 25 Mumzels Adventures. If you accomplish this feat, you will be rewarded with the same captivating Mumzel story in the form of a free NFT.

This is your chance to be part of the Mumzelhunt, a quest for rarity and art that you won’t soon forget. For more detailed information on how to participate in this magical adventure,

simply click here

The Mumzelhunt awaits adventurers like you to uncover its secrets and discover its treasures.

Do you dare to take on the challenge?

The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear One day, a little “mumzel” was happily strolling on a high mountain, enjoying the breathtaking view. Suddenly, an imposing polar bear appeared, hungry and curious. The polar bear decided to eat the little “mumzel”, but just as it was about to happen, a wise mumzel wizard happened to pass by. The mumzel…

Mumzel mumzel

“Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,where do my keys wander mysteriously?Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,what are you concocting in the nocturnal fire? Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,who whispers to me in the silent sleep?Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,where are my cookies with the morning sun? Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,which shadow savored my candy last night?Mumzel,…

Sticky Tongue

Sticky tongue On top of our house, the little “mumzel” awoke as darkness fell. In winter, it got dark early, but the “mumzel” had to be careful because people were still active in the dark. It was icy cold, and the roof tiles were slippery. If the “mumzel” wasn’t careful, he could slide down. Fortunately,…