Mumzel’s new neighbors

Mumzels new neighbors

Mumzels new neighbors

On a sun-drenched day, the adventurous Mumzel lay exhausted, his body worn out from nocturnal escapades. He resided in a barn next to a remote farm, where daytime was blissfully quiet, except for the morning crow of the rooster.

However, Mumzel was rudely awakened by a deafening commotion next to his nest. Annoyed, he turned around, but the noise persisted. His curiosity got the best of him, and he crawled out of his nest to discover the source of the disturbance.

There, next to his sleeping spot, he spotted a group of mice darting around like a whirlwind. “What are you doing here?” grumbled Mumzel. “I want to sleep.” The mice explained that they had come to this tranquil place because there was little to eat elsewhere, and predators were on their heels.

Mumzel stared at them, a spark of adventure in his eyes. He welcomed the mice as new neighbors but made a request, “Welcome, new neighbors, but could you please be a bit quieter during the day so I can sleep? And please leave some food for me.”

Back in his nest, Mumzel’s imagination ran wild as he pondered what it would be like to have mice as neighbors. Would they eat all of Mumzel’s food? Would they be quiet during the day? So many questions swirled in Mumzel’s mind about his new neighbors. However, he soon drifted off to sleep. Would you want to have mice as neighbors in your home?

Below is the story “Mumzels new neighbors” for 7 Matic. It is a story about the Mumzels new neighbors. There are 5 editions available for sale. After that, you will receive a new Mumzel story every week. This promotion runs until February 2024.

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