Do you see that little creature?

Do you see that little creature over there in the dark?

You can hardly miss it; it seems to be catching your attention. Have you seen it? Isn’t it cute? Listen!

Listen to the sounds it’s making.

It appears to be very cheerful and excited, trying to get your attention. Maybe it wants to live with you? What do you think? Shall I give it some food or just a hug? I can’t understand it, but it sounds cute. Can I keep it?

Do you already have your own “mumzel”?

Because this one really wants to stay with you.

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The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear One day, a little “mumzel” was happily strolling on a high mountain, enjoying the breathtaking view. Suddenly, an imposing polar bear appeared, hungry and curious. The polar bear decided to eat the little “mumzel”, but just as it was about to happen, a wise mumzel wizard happened to pass by. The mumzel…

Mumzel mumzel

“Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,where do my keys wander mysteriously?Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,what are you concocting in the nocturnal fire? Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,who whispers to me in the silent sleep?Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,where are my cookies with the morning sun? Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,which shadow savored my candy last night?Mumzel,…

Sticky Tongue

Sticky tongue On top of our house, the little “mumzel” awoke as darkness fell. In winter, it got dark early, but the “mumzel” had to be careful because people were still active in the dark. It was icy cold, and the roof tiles were slippery. If the “mumzel” wasn’t careful, he could slide down. Fortunately,…