Mumzel Bearish

sometimes you think you have the jar of honey, but it turns out that you are not fast enough and you end up losing the honey because the brown bear grabs you and runs off with your honey .  if Mumzel Bearish wants new honey he will have to get it back into the bee’s nest at the risk of losing his honey again.

Mumzel Bearish is the newest mumzel in this 2D collection. 

This collection contains 50 different mumzels in different style.

  some have 75 copies Rarity level 1 and others 1/1 Rarity level 5. there are also 10 nft of these 50 mumzels with no text in the picture as a 1/1 Rartiy level 5

Mumzel Bearish has 50 Copies and therefore has a Rarity level 2