MumzelFamily: GalleryHope

Galleryhope bought Mumzel Grubbel , we would like to thank and welcome the Galleryhope to our Mumzel family .

their project can now be admired in the World of the mumzels

the kids will love Grubbel , he is funny , sweet and stubborn . only because of this can Grubbel sometimes get into trouble. so watch out for Grubbel, because his curiosity and stubbornness sometimes puts him in danger, so keep him close to you so that he doesn’t do crazy things.

The Mumzels would like to introduce to you…!


The art of loving kindness

GalleryHope, The Art of Loving Kindness launched #NFTsForACause to directly support Special Needs families in need.  Every NFT sold pays for a 1-year scholarship in art or music therapy for underprivileged families with children challenged on the Autism spectrum in New Jersey and Florida. Both professional artists and children alike on the Autism Spectrum are donating original 

Meet Art Director of GalleryHope

Brian Cimins

he is the father of 2 beautiful children with autism spectrum disorder, in other words children with autism often cannot place themselves in the emotional world of other people. These children also often find body language and changes difficult to understand. which can lead to developmental delays in children. that is why Brain itself has been very active since 2005 in fundraising campaigns and foundations for autistic children. brain discovered that music and art allowed his children to express themselves in emotions and that music helped with the physical and mental development of his own children at a young age. doors opened for the children to music and Art that might otherwise have remained closed.

Youtube Video of Logan Cirmins singing on stage son of Brian Cimins

Brain Cimins has set up the first 100% volunteer organization in America for children with autism. Currently his foundation is helping more than 30 families with children who did not have the financial means for the therapy themselves. 1 NFT sold provides 1 year of art of music therapy for 1 child in need 2-3 hours a week.

some children can come to the location, others receive lessons/therapy at home. they also sponsor several schools in new jersey with scholarships.

If you also want to help these children, you can press the button below to go to their opensea collection so that 1 child in need with autism can be helped with music or art therapy.

do you want to know more about Brain Cimins he also has a great blog on his website where he writes all the activities and events of their Foundation

GalleryHope work locally with several Centers for the Arts co-building schools all over New Jersey. they currently have 6 counties in New Jersey where kids can attend in person and nationwide at distance. Kids meet one day a week for 2-3 hours in an array of art, performing arts or musical classes.

GalleryHope also sponsor several ministry outreach projects in Sri Lanka as well as In Peru with at-distance English as a 2nd language with many of the tribes along the Amazon River and Galleryhope is planning on recording at the concert in a few weeks with the parents permission to release a little of our musical arts program in New Jersey which has been greatly funded from NFTs & crypto success of the last few years

Brian’s older Brother Paul Cimins is the founder of where they funding projects in horseback riding, iPad program for non-verbal children, plus the first autism swim program with the special Olympics

We just partnered with HURMIENFT to create a Hockey player pixel art fundraiser exclusive for

which should buy one child an iPad plus one year of language arts program for nonverbal children on the spectrum

Some examples of Projects and Artists that Galleryhope has helped. a website of “Daniel John “DJ” one of the children helped by the Galleryhope foundation, this boy now has his own shop and sells art.

Here is a Youtube video of one sponsored DJ remix project for kids by kids in our musical arts program:

maybe you know this famous Youtuber?

Brian Cimins Found Anthony Vincent as a young man and helped him write lyrics and grow . now anthony Vincent has had a well-watched Youtube channel for years where he does several parodies of songs with multiple styles of singing

Brian Cimins also writes many parodies himself and has made many with his family in the past. One of their favorite parodies is this one below.

MMA & Boxing Series by Stanley Q. UpJohn: 

below you see a link of Youtube video of one of the Projects that GalleryHope currently has for sale. these NFT were created by Stanley Quincy Upjohn

Thank you for the support

we are truly able to help change the lives of children challenged with confidence, social and behavioral challenges

as you can see above, GalleryHope foundation a lot in Florida around New Jersey for the Autism Community and they have already helped more than 120 families in recent years with guidance and support of autism children with, for example, music and Art Therapy.

Hopefully we have been able to give you a very small impression about what a beautiful organization it is and what wonderful things they do for autistic children. so that they also have a good chance in society and receive the help and guidance they need in their youth.

GalleryHope or actually Family Cimins (because they do a lot more) Have been working hard for these children for years and have already been able to help many children. do you want to support their project and also help these children ..? then you can now buy 1 of the NFT in their opensea so that 1 child can receive music or art therapy for 2-3 hours a week for a year