LOVE FM – from Monday to Friday 7pm CEST

Every weekday Drugmusic , Erika Psykick and The Mumzels hold an hour long a Music space at 7pm cest.

Where artists can come in and listen to the music we play for you. artists and listeners will have the opportunity to share their artworks as a pintweet for everyone to see, retweet and like.

It is possible for Music artists to let your own Music in our space listen to everyone in our space . we will spend the whole hour on your music and you can tell us something about it.

Drugmusic also tries to involve the people who listen in the music and sometimes asks the listeners questions. to have some interaction in the hour.
Do you have requests for specific music or theme music ?

you can contact Drugmusic.
on some days Mumzel or Erika will provide the music. on the other days, Erika and the Mumzels will make sure that everyone has the opportunity to share their art and try to interact with your tweets.

DrugMusic and The mumzels also made a collab that we’re giving away for FREE.

you can get the NFT in Drug music’s Discord or send a DM to one of us