Troglodyte Society Poker Tournament

Saturday 30 July 8pm BST / 3pm EST

There will be a poker tournament

“limit Texas Hold’em”

With prices from 27 artists ” 76 NFT’s to win”

Top 5 wins Prices

Support the Troglodyte society and join them on Google Meet

30 july 5PM BST / 12 AM EST

Troglodyte Society helps poor community’s in Sierra Leone with food , goods and Money. this time they go to the Amputee camp/ Polio Community

This is the first disability settlement after the civil war.

From the community donating art and cash we are able to support 11 families in that community separate from our event. The 11 families will have food for 3 weeks.

With special thanks to





for supporting 10 families.

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