Mumzel Community support: Chalk Monsters & Fink’s NFT Show

The mumzels are in the Finkerz NFT show on Youtube .. have you seen the broadcast..? we want to thank Finkerz and his Chalk Monsters for the broadcast on Youtube.

Chalk Monsters

500 Monsters are living in Chalktopia in fear of being erased by Master Eraser! Adopt them into the safety of your wallet and they will be forever grateful and provide you with love and entertainment as long as they are in your care!

The Chalk Monsters all have their own story, because they can all transform it’s not just an NFT you get but a funny nice Gif that you can watch for hours and they stay funny.

Fink’s NFT Show

A fun and funny Youtube show for NFT collectors artists and Fans. in which Fink talks about different projects in all kinds of themes, if you want to be featured in his show as an artist, please contact Fink and subscribe to his youtube channel so as not to miss a broadcast.