Join the Spatial Gallery 25 artists Friday 7pm EST

ArtAlliances has set up a beautiful Gallery for the artists in the Mastermindclub with all 1/1 works of art from different collections of 25 different artists.

Including music by Evaflow SkyStarter & π”“π”žπ”­Γ­ π”“π”¬π”±π”žπ”±ΓΈ
and a performance Art by

NFT Eve πŸŒΉπŸ€

Join on

Friday July 8 – 7PM EST – Saturday June 9 – 1AM CEST


The mastermind club is a group of NFT artists who help each other in the NFT journey. we keep spaces , have a discord group and twitter group.

We help each other by sharing your tweets or other social media posts and help each other to get Sales by promoting each other. you can get lessons in marketing or nft from the experience of all other artists and the most important it is a cozy and fun club with people