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Just like the Mumzels, Rita can be found on Twitter in the NFT spaces and on the blockchain with her artworks for six months.

She has many qualities such as working with AI, but she prefers drawing and coloring. At home she has a sweet little girl of almost a year walking around who also spends a lot of time and energy, but as soon as Rita has an hour to spare she is busy making art.

Many people know Rita from spaces that she is always faithfully present or through conversations in private messages.

Very few people have ever heard her speak. That’s because the language barrier from Serbia to English is too great to master in such a short time.

Rita is also someone who supports many artists by buying their art or helping to design new art. Rita is also a Mumzel collector and has already collected several Mumzels.

This month Rita is on Vacation and away all month. If you talk to someone every day for months and then don’t, then suddenly it’s very quiet.

that’s why the Mumzels are now writing their 99th Blog about Rita.
because Rita herself is not there to promote her own projects and was always there for others.

Rita has Multiple collections on 2 different Opensea accounts.

You have seen most of the collections and can be found at the link below.

Only recently has Rita also created a Charity account and she sells the works of art there to help orphans and orphanages in her own country. she made beautiful sea creatures and a little boy who fishes. all proceeds from this project go directly to charity.

Does Rita always support you? or do you want to help support Rita? then you can do that by sharing her artwork on Twitter, purchasing her charity NFTs, or any of the other beautiful NFTs she has created. Since she is on vacation this month, the Mumzels thought she could get some extra attention. because Rita always gives a lot of attention to the Mumzels and has become a good friend in recent months.

Gepubliceerd door The Mumzels

"Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night? Don't be afraid, it's probably the Mumzels! The Mumzels are creatures that live around us at night, searching for food and items they like to take back to their nest. They can be recognized by their big eyes and feelers on their heads, but they are not easily seen by humans as they consider us dangerous. We have all experienced waking up to an empty cookie jar or misplacing something, only to find it later. This is likely the work of Mumzels in your home. The Mumzels started as a children's book in 2012 and made their way into the NFT, crypto, and Web3 world in February 2022. In addition to their own English blog website, they are also active on social media like Twitter and various NFT communities."

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