Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool

Twicky stood in front of Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tools window for several hours, staring in. Without moving, Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool thought it was strange at first a mumzel in front of the window she went to get him and noticed that mumzel Twicky lives in his own world.

he is still staring at the same spot and Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool wonders if the mumzel realizes that he is now inside. thanks for discovering Mumzel Twicky welcome to the Mumzel family Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool

The Mumzels want to introduce to you Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool

Did you know theres an easy way to send large amounts of NFTs (airdrops) to unlimited wallets?  Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool can help save artist so much time, effort and energy when they want to do giveaways and reward their token holders!

Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool

is your best friend in Airdrops

Everything you need to do your airdrops

It’s important to do an airdrop right. Let us help you with that.


Create a list of collection holders based on date, quantity, traits, and more.

One-click airdrop

Send your airdrop to unlimited wallets with one click.


Get insight into your airdrop performance, see who buys from your collections.

Airdrop any NFT

Bring your NFTs, it doesn’t matter where it was minted.

Start your airdrop

Try Dropys, and explore all the tools you need to airdrop to your community.

There is no limit you can send as many NFTs as you want to many different Wallets.

If you need support you can ask questions via the website in the chat, they are also always active on twitter and discord. the speed at which the NFTs are airdropped depends on the traffic on the network on average within 10 seconds.

Dropys currently supports ETH network and polygon network. The cost of a drop to an X number of wallets depends on the costs of the network and the number of wallets to which you want to send an NFT.

On the website they have a handy tool that lets you see how much it will cost.

Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool is safe to use ,Dropys allows you to connect your self-custody wallet, so you are in complete control of your funds throughout the process. you can use the software at all Marketplaces ETH – Polygon like opensea you can use

Dropys the most common wallets, the support: Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Rainbow Wallet, WalletConnect, Ledger Live

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Dropys Airdrop & NFT Snapshot Tool

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