The Mumzels Year 2022 – Blog 150

The Year 2022

A year in which the Mumzels started with NFT’s. A year in which we have learned and discovered a lot but also realize that they still have a lot to learn about web3. How can they spread and how can they eventually come to life?

In the past year, The Mumzels experimented with different collections, they were present on different social media, they started writing blogs. More and more mumzels were discovered. A Mumzel community started to grow and friendships were formed. In this blog we want to take you into what the Mumzels discovered last year and what we want to do next year.

What are Mumzels?

Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night?

Was your cookie jar also eaten empty in the morning?
You lost something that you are sure you put it somewhere?

Do not be afraid. you probably suffer from Mumzels under your roof tiles or in a shed.

Mumzels are creatures with big eyes and feelers on their heads, they come in different colors and shapes, but they all look alike.

The Journey

In 2012 the mumzels had written a book for young children in the netherlands.
in the years that followed, they occasionally appeared in an image as the creator was figuring out how to bring the mumzels to life. in 2021, crypto and NFTs came into the picture with the creator and went into more depth.

In february 2022, the Mumzels started a collection at , no experience and a wild guess at what was possible. So we posted a few NFTs gave each NFT 500 copies and charged $350 per NFT converted into weth.

and waith !

nothing happened
Mistake ?!?

The mumzels discovered that there was a whole community on Twitter and created a Twitter account. We came across more projects and joining spaces on twitter and started listening to other projects.
Soon the mumzels found out that 500 copies of the same NFT and $ 350 was not realistic.
The mumzels immediately removed the NFTs from opensea and started again.

First Collection

First collection got NFTs with 75 copies – 50 copies – 25 copies – 5 copies – 1 copy and got 50 different Mumzels in different styles and backgrounds. and they sold between 1 and 20 dollars depending on the WETH price.

Each Mumzel NFT had its own name and character described in the NFT and the Rarity levels meant the number of copies available of a particular Mumzel.

Website needed? Spaces ?

The Mumzels bought a website subscription and built their own website on that platform and discovered they could blog. meanwhile the Mumzels also started to talk in Spaces on twitter. without being able to speak English well. first With google translate , later we wrote it down and read it. nowadays we can almost speak freely and they can make themselves clear and understandable in Twitter space.

I joined most days the space from Troglodyte Society (charity for kids and people in sierra leone ) and The Squibbles, (childeren Brand) the people behind these projects helped the Mumzels a lot with Giving Podium to the Mumzels and taught me a lot in the beginning of my journey. The mumzels have come across many fantastic projects and made many friendships. Drugmusic , Rita these were people the mumzels spoke to every day. Cynthia also knows the Mumzels from the beginning and has taught the Mumzels a lot. Yesterday she came up with a great idea to put talking mumzels on youtube.

All these artists and many other people, The Mumzels had a fantastic year. Many artists or people who have collected the Mumzels and built up ties with them, did collaborations or had nice conversations.

Thank you all so much for your support, knowledge and help.

“There are so many different people within our community that I would love to name them all, but unfortunately I don’t have time for that in this Blog since there are so many of you. to link to everyone as well . only while typing I suddenly think of a nice idea for the coming year to thank at least a large part of the people around me. to be continued”

Blogging for others in stone coal English

The Mumzels blogged about the Mumzels themselves and started offering Blogs in April when buying a Mumzel. Because we are all on twitter looking for collectors for our projects and The mumzels thought if we give the people who collect mumzels their own blog.

So the Mumzels owners are also visible on our website if more people start looking for mumzels. In addition to the blogs, we also made the world of the mumzels in which we collected information about the people / artists that mumzels collected (with permission).

Community Blogs

The Mumzels also started writing Blogs about Events in the polygon community.

The Blockchain in which the mumzels are active.

Our first big Blog that got a lot of reach was the 15K giveaway thread of Dave Swinbank.

Dave is part of the Crypto Goonz and Polygon Alliance and holds #ThisIsNotAShill weekly Mon-Friday where The Mumzels can always be found.

But also the poker tournaments of Troglodyte societyVDKMusic & Potent potions received a lot of Views and were two fun events in which the Mumzels participated.

The Mumzels became more famous and more and more people collected slowly mumzels.

This Blog is our 150th blog within

1 year!

Because in February the Mumzels exist 1 year as NFTs in the Web3 .

More colllections , More Mumzels

The mumzels started a few other collections in addition to their first collection.
special edition mumzels a collection in which we made mumzels that we liked or for special occasions.

A collaborative collection in which we place the projects that the mumzels collab with and create a Promotional mumzel between or projects.

Then came The Mumzels Adventures, the first collection we minted ourselves through Autominter. it was a high point because in the first 2 weeks more mumzels were sold than in the first 6 months of the first collection.
The mumzels were happy and gave different utilities (costum photo’s , costum story , free Nft’s , T-shirt , sticker ) to this collection and is collected by different people.

The Mumzels also won or got a lot of NFTs and also started collecting them from different projects. at one point the Mumzels had collected so many NFTs that the Mumzels created another Account “MumzelMarket” and offered some of these NFTs to sell so that the Mumzels could buy new NFTs from artists. also the mumzels on this account create NFT’s that the mumzels like to make without the mumzels being visible on it. some do, some don’t.

Mumzel Discoverers

In total, in 2022 the mumzels had 142 unique Mumzel NFT owners on across all the above collections . There were over 400 NFTs collected with paid and unpaid NFTs through Give-aways. (exept for the mumzelmarket).

Our Biggest Mumzel Holder is Jason and we are very grateful to him and his family for that.

In December we did a christmas mumzel mint and the 142 mumzel holders were able to mint 3 christmas mumzels. 25 people had minted 67 Christmas mumzels. we had divided 5 prizes with a lottery between the minted christmas mumzels and there were 5 different prize winners.


Click on the Image to collect the NFT of the mumzels Brand on Showtime

But before the year was out, Dave Swinbank, Friend of the mumzels and great Spacehost – community leader, Told me about an app where you can collect NFTs. and the mumzels began to experiment with it in the last days of the new year .

At the time of writing, 460 different individuals have collected 10 NFTs made by the Mumzels with a total of 979 copies.
in 12 days.

These are all collected by the people for free through this App and it has helped the Mumzels to be discovered more and more in recent days.

The first 100 people to read this Blog and enter the password below at showtime

can claim the NFT below.

Eilana and her Mumzel , Eilana is a princess who lives in the castle in the elven valley. she always has her Mumzel Alfred with her . alfred gives her wise advice when Eilana feels sad or has to make choices. only whether mumzel Alfred’s wise advice also leads to a good choice is the question.
Password :  MyMumzel
What else have The Mumzels been up to?

In addition to NFT collections, The Mumzels have also done other things such as a webshop with clothing and accessories, various social media such as Tiktok, Instagram and on various platforms such as the Dutch NFT art gallery.

Thank you and see you in 2023

The Mumzels want to thank everyone for their support in 2022 and the Mumzels will continue to discover in 2023, The Mumzels will publish fewer blogs on their own website from 3 blogs per week we will go to 1 blog per week.

The Mumzels will post Blogs with content about the Polygon community, projects and other information about Blockchains or Crypto on other websites and who knows Mumzels.

The Mumzels will also continue to post free NFTs on Showtime, just like with this Blog.
The Mumzels are now fully engaged in drawing and editing in AI to make the Mumzels that look more and more beautiful and are already starting to look like real mumzels.

The Mumzels Adventures we will see in the next 2 months whether there are still mumzels being minted. because there are very nice utilities in these collections, only the mumzels are afraid that they might give away too much utility with this collection.

The Mumzels also want to make Mumzels in 3D in 2023 and expand the Mumzel community with more people discovering the Mumzels. more physical goods that are portable to touch and hopefully read.

in short, The Mumzels are still planning a lot in 2023 and if you don’t want to miss all that.
Then join the Mumzel community on Twitter.

The Mumzels don’t have a Discord, but they do have a website with blogs and can be reached almost 24/7 on Twitter

Gepubliceerd door The Mumzels

"Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night? Don't be afraid, it's probably the Mumzels! The Mumzels are creatures that live around us at night, searching for food and items they like to take back to their nest. They can be recognized by their big eyes and feelers on their heads, but they are not easily seen by humans as they consider us dangerous. We have all experienced waking up to an empty cookie jar or misplacing something, only to find it later. This is likely the work of Mumzels in your home. The Mumzels started as a children's book in 2012 and made their way into the NFT, crypto, and Web3 world in February 2022. In addition to their own English blog website, they are also active on social media like Twitter and various NFT communities."

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