Thrilling Mumzel Adventures: NFT Polygon Showcase, Mumzelhunt, and Exciting Updates Along the Way

Mumzels Unveiled: Discover Them at the Polygon Showcase on May 25th and 26th!

This week, the Mumzels can be viewed in the NFT Polygon Showcase by Creative Owls at the event on Thursday and Friday. The Mumzels are eagerly looking forward to it and wondering if you will also be attending. An array of diverse artists will be in attendance, creating an ideal environment for networking and fostering new connections. Engaging discussions on various topics will take place, offering opportunities to discover fresh insights and knowledge. To secure tickets for the Spatial Polygon Showcase, the Mumzels kindly direct you to Creative Owls Twitter account.

Upcoming Free Mumzel drop for the hunters 28th may

The Mumzelhunt is still ongoing, and 5 Mumzels have been captured from the Beautiful Backgrounds collection of May. This month, there are several Mumzels to be captured through tasks and free drops. Some Mumzels have already been caught by the hunters, and only a few exemplars remain for those who join the Mumzelhunt now (the first 2 new hunters to capture a Beautiful Background Mumzel).

The most special Mumzels that can be captured contain a story. In the upcoming weekend, 3 more Mumzels will be available for the hunters participating in the hunt: one for joining our Discord, one with a story for hunters who have captured a Beautiful Background Mumzel, and one for all hunters who own a Mumzel from any of the 4 Mumzelhunt collections.

  • on February 8th, there were Early Portraits, with 10 Different Mumzels for 3 Matic each. (sold out)
  • On March 8th, there were Mumzels in the Dark, with 20 for 6 Matic (or 5 Matic with an Early Portraits Mumzel) (still 5 available for 6 matic)
  • On April 8th, there will be 3D Grounded Mumzels, with 25 mumzels for 12 Matic (or 9 Matic with a Mumzel in the Dark) (still 20 available for 12 matic)
  • On May 8th, the Mumzels will come with beautiful backgrounds, with 40 Mumzels for 15 Matic (or 12 Matic with a 3D Grounded Mumzel). (35 available for 15 matic)
  • on June 8th, the Rainbow Edges Mumzels will be released, which will cost 20 Matic (or 15 Matic with a beautiful background). (uploading)

There will be more Mumzels to capture this month, and in June, the final collection, Rainbow Edges, will be released with 50 different Mumzels. Also, in June, various Mumzels can be obtained through free drops and tasks. There will be no new collection in July, but all hunters will receive more free drops. In August, we will assess the progress of the Mumzelhunt and see how many Mumzels have been captured. In September, after a one-month summer break, we will continue rewarding the Mumzel hunters.

Free Drop for all holders (july)

Additionally, during the summer, there will be a free Mumzel drop for everyone who owns a Mumzel from any of the Mumzel collections on our main account (excluding the Mumzelmarket).

Book? and Discord collecting NFT’s and Talk with the night watch Mumzel

The Mumzels are currently working on writing a book that they intend to release. They have also established a Discord server where you can chat, play games, collect cookies and XP. These cookies can be used to purchase NFTs in our Discord. You can also engage in conversation with the Night Watch Mumzel, who can tell captivating stories. Feel free to visit the Mumzel community, and occasionally, we will have giveaways, such as goodies from our webshop. Last month, we had a giveaway for the Mumzel cap to celebrate reaching 5000 followers on Twitter.

The Mumzels Adventures Mint is still open

And for 1 Matic, you can mint a Mumzel from the Mumzels Adventures collection. With 1 mint, you receive a free Mumzel with a spell, and with 5 mints, you receive a different one with a different spell. For 10 mints, 15 mints, 20 mints, and 25 mints, you will get additional Mumzels. So, with 25 Matic, you will have 30 Mumzel NFTs, and with a little luck, you may also obtain one of the 3 Mumzels with a prize attached. Two Mumzels have a gift of 10 Matic, and one has 20 Matic if you mint them.

In summary, it could be an exciting experience to try and capture all the Mumzels Adventures

In summary, it could be an exciting experience to try and capture all the Mumzel adventures. Apart from the Mumzels Adventures collection, our very first collection is still available. The price ranges from 35 to 55 Matic, depending on the number of copies of the NFTs available. If you purchase an NFT from this collection, the Mumzels will write a blog about your project, and you will have your own Discord channel in our server.

Collabs with other projects

The Mumzels are also involved in various collaborations, such as Metaland Wolfpack, Otcopeeps, and Rockofajs. Soon, we will provide more information about upcoming collaborations.

Secret tip for next collab

On the second Saturday of last month, the Mumzels were invited to The Diner Chubbys Foodtruckpark in to talk about the Mumzels and enjoy networking. It was a delightful evening that the Mumzels thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to capture Mumzels when you see them!