Mumzels Discover Vegetables and fruit

The Mumzels went into a house last night because they were hungry.

in the kitchen on the table they found a bowl with different kinds of fruit and vegetables

The Mumzels like fruit and vegetables very much, do you think that as well ?

The Mumzels remove the different types of fruit and vegetables from the bowl to take away.

The Mumzels just don’t know what kind of fruit and vegetables are in the bowl they take out. can you help them?

Can you help me ? The color of the Mumzel is? “well done” , The Mumzel is Green .
The green Mumzel what has he got is this vegetable or fruit? “nice that you know that this is Fruit”
Do you also know the colors of the fruit?
“Red and Yellow”, That’s nice that you know that”
I think it’s an apple and banana. what do you think ?

Lemon and Strawberry? I hadn’t seen that. “Very well done.”

look ! a few more Mumzels , Can you see how many there are ?

“You guessed it, they are indeed 2 Mumzels.” But what exactly are they up to? fruit? No . It’s Vegetable. You saw that right away, of course. That one Mumzel what is he eating? Also a mushroom? “You’re right it’s an apple”

It’s big and very heavy

The Mumzel have a lot of trouble getting this big thing out of the fruit bowl. do you know what this thing is? can you eat it is it tasty? really? what does it taste like? That sounds very nice indeed. the orange apple has a very crazy color for an apple

I see a very big Worm!

The cat passing by, jumped up when he saw the worm move across the kitchen table. But that was the Mumzels with a cucumber in their hands. do you see how many Mumzels it takes to carry 1 cucumber outside? That’s great, that’s actually 4 Mumzels. I didn’t know you could count so well.

Look there a sweet Mumzel trying to move 2 tomatoes. what color is the mumzel? good the mumzel is indeed yellow. now a very difficult question. do you know what kind of tomato this is?

The last thing in the fruit bowl

The Mumzels have taken all the fruit and vegetables from the fruit bowl and taken them to their Mumzel nest. these last 2 pieces of fruit are the last.

Do you know what this fruit is? “well guessed” The Mumzels have plenty to eat in the coming days. just what the Mumzels wonder? is it also healthy for Mumzels? what do you think ? why is fruit and vegetables healthy?

The Mumzels find that very clever that you know that there are vitamins in fruit that are very healthy for your body.

Do you also eat fruit and vegetables every day? the Mumzels do.

Thank you so much for helping the Mumzels.

Without you the Mumzels didn’t know what kind of fruit and vegetables the Mumzels had found.

until next time.