The Christmas Tree

It has been a beautiful day and the sun beginning to set. While The Mumzels are still dreaming, their bellies start to rumble. Their hunger begins to stir them from their sleep and The Mumzels slowly awaken in their nest. One by one the Mumzels wake up and start to wash themselves, if you haveMeer lezen over “The Christmas Tree”

Making of the first Mumzel Collection

The first Mumzel NFT collection has been online for a while now. there are 50 different Mumzels in this collection, each with its own little short story and name. the Mumzels are also made in different styles. you can actually see in this collection how the Mumzels are evolving in design Tristi is the FirstMeer lezen over “Making of the first Mumzel Collection”

Mumzels Discover Vegetables and fruit

The Mumzels went into a house last night because they were hungry. in the kitchen on the table they found a bowl with different kinds of fruit and vegetables The Mumzels like fruit and vegetables very much, do you think that as well ? The Mumzels remove the different types of fruit and vegetables fromMeer lezen over “Mumzels Discover Vegetables and fruit”

The Mumzels

Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night? Are all kinds of small things disappearing in your house? that’s what the Mumzels do. Mumzels are very small creatures with big eyes, walk on 2 legs and have 2 feelers on their head with which they quickly recognize danger. They live around us allMeer lezen over “The Mumzels”

School day

Morning came again. My mother walks into my room, she is angry when she wakes me up. “Stand up Bram!“. She says. “What did you do last night? What did your father say?”   Half asleep I respond “ok mom“. I get out of bed, grab some clothes, and put them on. I have toMeer lezen over “School day”

Sneak into the shed.

Night came and I was lying in my bed.This morning my father told me, that I was not allowed to go to the shed at night, to see if the Mumzel were there.But I can’t sleep, I‘m curious. I want to know if the Mumzels are there. Even though I am constantly thinking about theMeer lezen over “Sneak into the shed.”