Mumzel NFT Market

The Mumzels are going to sell some of there NFT’s from other artist.

so the valua of there collections goes up .

Welcome in The Mumzel Market

During their discovery in the NFT world and on Twitter, the Mumzels also collected NFT”s from other artists overnight.

Do you want to support multiple Artists?

If you buy one of the NFt’s the mumzels Selling from other artists below .

You support the artist how Created the NFT and with the proceeds from the NFT sales, The Mumzels buy new NFTs from Artists.

The value of NFT collections goes up as there is more trade in their NFTs so if you see a nice NFT in between? he can become yours.

Fox family supported by FinKicks

The collection will consist of 12 unique foxes.

Name: Devils fox#6

collection: Devils fox

Artist: Rita_nftart

Price: 0,04 WETH

Another detailed abstract art NFT

part of the StevenFonzi collection.

Fin’s first Collection

Noseless apple

Name: Noseless apple#1466

collection: noselessapple

Artist: FinKicks

Price: 0,007 WETH

In Turkey joining the military for a year is mandatory.

The creator of Sleepy Pirates project needs to pay the fee of 4000$ (61000 Turkish Liras) to be able to free.

Name: Sea Rover in a Bottle

collection: Freedom of Pirate

Artist: SleepyPirate

Price: 0,01 WETH

With buying one of these ships in the bottles you are also buying the freedom of the creator.

So he can chase his dreams and keep creating for the community. Lets earn the freedom of our Sleepy Cap’n me hearties! (You will reach to 2 different types of 3D models and 1 rendered jpeg through unlockable content.) See you on metaverse oceans . . .

Strange Bird look into your Soul.

How many souls will this bird be able to look into? my soul has he already seen will your soul be next?

Sweet little green monster who can fly and secretly has quite big teeth.

Judging by his eyes, I wouldn’t just pet him.

Name: Dark Mutation

collection: Dark Entitys

Artist: DarkPortalsNFTs

Price: 0,045 WETH


the last deadly dance at the ball of death itself.


deadly ball


amor et mors




0,038 WETH

Name: DeadGoonz #629

collection: Deadgoonz

Artist: Crypto Goonz

Price: 0,05 WETH

Cool DeadGoonz to play the new Game GoonzWarZ .

Check out the game on

The Nerd Head Club (NHC) is a unique collection of 10,000 randomly generated and stylistically curated NFTs that exist on the Polygon Blockchain.

Nerd Head holders can participate in exclusive events such as NFT claims, raffles, community giveaways, and more. Remember, all heads are nerd, but some are nerdier than others.

Name: Nerd #1110

collection: Nerd Head Club

Artist: Nerd Head

Price: 0,005 WETH