Mumzel Discovers a Magical Device

Mumzel Discovers a Magical Device

The “little mumzel” stealthily crept through the house, navigating between the insulation of the walls in search of adventure. Hunger led him to the ground floor, where lights still illuminated and sounds echoed. Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, he discovered a captivating world on a large screen.

Hidden beneath the couch, he curiously observed the girl who was concentrated on the screen. The mumzel crawled closer, admiring the mysterious device in her hand. As he crawled out from under the couch, he found himself staring at two large feet and looked up. The girl seemed not to notice him.

The “mumzel” discovered a soft basket in the corner with a view of the large screen. He nestled into it, letting his eyes wander over the enchanting images. The girl continued gaming, and the mumzel became captivated by the adventure unfolding on the screen.

In the magical world on TV, he witnessed a small creature collecting items and solving puzzles. The creature even built its own dream castle. The mumzel fantasized that he was the little creature, and gradually, he drifted into slumber, carried away by the enchanting scenes.

A while later, the mumzel awoke with a start. It was pitch-dark; the TV was off, and the girl was gone. Anxiously, he wondered if she had seen him. Fearful and astonished, he crept upstairs, curious about what the girl had done on the screen and the adventures she had experienced. The mumzel wanted to experience that too. The sun rose, and the “mumzel” hurried back to his nest, dreaming of the beautiful world he had seen on the big screen.

What the “mumzel” doesn’t know is that I saw him lying there while I was gaming. He looked so adorable sleeping that I decided to let him be. Shh, don’t tell him, okay?

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