Dive into the Magical World of Mumzels on Revel.xyz

Dive into the Magical World of Mumzels on Revel.xyz

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Revel.xyz, where creativity comes to life, and digital art flourishes. Recently, The adorable Mumzels have joined this exciting platform, now found amidst a lively community of artists, creators, and enthusiastic collectors. Let’s delve into how Revel.xyz operates and how Mumzels, in just a week, have already gathered an impressive collection of artists.

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Discover Revel.xyz: A Playground for Digital Art

Revel.xyz is more than just a platform; it’s an interactive playground where digital art springs to life. Here, creative minds can craft their own cards with images, texts, and sounds. The ability to collect and trade cards from other artists adds a social dimension to the art world. Each day, you can create three sets of cards, and by collecting three cards from a different artist, you receive a complimentary card upon their new release (harvest).

update: 21-11-23 Since today it is only possible to create 1 set of cards per day. to maintain balance and economy in the app.

Mumzels: One Week, 120 Collectors

Merely a week ago, the delightful Mumzels made their digital debut on Revel.xyz. Since then, they’ve not only shared their own artistic creations and content but have also inspired an impressive 120 individuals to start collecting Mumzels. The Mumzels have ignited a true digital revolution, enriching the world of Revel.xyz with their unique creations and charming personalities.

Step into the Magic: Sign Up and Use Mumzel as a Referral

You might be wondering, “How can I join this enchanting world full of art and creativity?” It’s simple! Embark on your adventure by signing up on Revel.xyz . You can do this via email, a crypto wallet, or even through your favorite social media platforms. And here’s the best part – use the referral code “Mumzel” to not only receive 200 free (Rev) coins upon creating your account but also an additional bonus of 50 (Rev) coins. As if that’s not enough, Mumzels, upon your registration with the Mumzel referral code, also want to gift you a Common set of Mumzels for 1 Rev to kickstart your collection.

Unveiling the Enchantment

Once registered, a world full of possibilities unfolds. Utilize the mint function (create) to craft your unique cards with images, texts, and sounds. Let your creativity soar and design cards that are exclusively yours. Additionally, with the trade function, you can discover and trade cards from other artists. Explore the many possibilities, from personalizing your profile to earning badges and challenging friends.

Blockchain Magic on Revel.xyz

Revel.xyz leverages blockchain technology, transforming your cards into NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This not only grants you ownership of your artworks but also ensures their authenticity. You can even export your art to other platforms or marketplaces if you wish.

In summary, Revel.xyz is not merely a platform; it’s a journey into creativity, connection, and collection. Mumzels have opened the door to a new realm of digital art, and you can be a part of this enchanting adventure. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up on Revel.xyz today with the referral code “Mumzel” and let the magic commence!

Collecting cards is really awesome! I completely understand what you mean.

It’s so beautiful to admire the stunning creations of different artists and creators. They all have their own unique style, and it’s truly worth it to collect their art. I would definitely recommend collecting the art of these fantastic individuals. You won’t regret it!

Do you want an extra 50 coins when signing up, but without Mumzels? No worries! If you use the usernames of the creators, both of you will receive 50 coins. It’s a win-win situation and a celebration for all! Who said you couldn’t earn coins and have fun? Hopefully, this brings a smile to your face as you accumulate your coins. Enjoy the process and keep playing!

Follow Them too on X (Twitter)

Social media is like a magic spell that can transform the value of your cards on Revel.xyz ! The bigger your social media network, the more valuable your cards become. It’s like a trading party where networking and appreciating each other’s styles is the name of the game. So, let’s spice up the dance floor and make those cards twirl with excitement!

Do you want to know more tips and tricks about Revel.xyz and how to start it best? There are various Creators who provide helpful tips on their social media to help you get started. One key aspect of starting Revel.xyz is understanding its core features and functionalities. By familiarizing yourself with the platform, you can optimize your experience and make the most out of it.

Remember, starting with Revel.xyz can be an exciting journey. By utilizing helpful tips and tricks shared by experienced creators and taking advantage of the platform’s features, you can set yourself up for success in creating and managing your own website. So, dive in, explore, and make the most of your Revel.xyz experience!

The Polar Bear

The Polar Bear One day, a little “mumzel” was happily strolling on a high mountain, enjoying the breathtaking view. Suddenly, an imposing polar bear appeared, hungry and curious. The polar bear decided to eat the little “mumzel”, but just as it was about to happen, a wise mumzel wizard happened to pass by. The mumzel…

Mumzel mumzel

“Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,where do my keys wander mysteriously?Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,what are you concocting in the nocturnal fire? Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,who whispers to me in the silent sleep?Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,where are my cookies with the morning sun? Mumzel, mumzel on the roof,which shadow savored my candy last night?Mumzel,…

Sticky Tongue

Sticky tongue On top of our house, the little “mumzel” awoke as darkness fell. In winter, it got dark early, but the “mumzel” had to be careful because people were still active in the dark. It was icy cold, and the roof tiles were slippery. If the “mumzel” wasn’t careful, he could slide down. Fortunately,…