Mumzels in the Kitchen

in the middle of the night It’s night and the people are sleeping. That’s when the Mumzels set out. the Mumzels are hungry and look for the entrance to a house close by, there is always food to be found. The Mumzels have found a cat flap with which they can enter the house. OneMeer lezen over “Mumzels in the Kitchen”

Making New Collection

The Mumzels are busy making a new collection. at the moment there are already 75 different Mumzels made in the new collection. some will be in objects others have objects in their hands. some Mumzels will be rarer than other Mumzels. the Mumzels will be mined , so you get a Random Mumzel NFT. WithMeer lezen over “Making New Collection”

Mumzel Buster

Afraid of spiders? Buster likes to catch them and take them to Spidy’s spider farm. so you never have to be afraid of spiders in the house again. Summer is in full swing and that means Spiders are busy multiplying again.   now it is still nice and warm and they catch flies outside.  butMeer lezen over “Mumzel Buster”

The Mumzels at the Petting zoo

The Mumzels have discovered a petting zoo in the woods near their nest. because the Mumzels are curious about what a petting zoo is, they go and take a look. Do you know what a petting zoo is? Good guess, a petting zoo is a place where farm animals live and children can play andMeer lezen over “The Mumzels at the Petting zoo”

Finding food for a Birthdayparty

It’s the middle of the night and the mumzels are busy gathering food and stuff for them to use. Cookie and Neo going to a residential area with many houses. They had heard that there was a neighborhood party of people with a lot of food with a lot of leftovers and they want toMeer lezen over “Finding food for a Birthdayparty”

Mumzels Discover Vegetables and fruit

The Mumzels went into a house last night because they were hungry. in the kitchen on the table they found a bowl with different kinds of fruit and vegetables The Mumzels like fruit and vegetables very much, do you think that as well ? The Mumzels remove the different types of fruit and vegetables fromMeer lezen over “Mumzels Discover Vegetables and fruit”

Made By Bram -stripe1985

He was born 37 years ago in a very small country here on Earth. The country was called the Netherlands and his name became Bram. He was sweet , cute and totally innocent . He could not eat alone so well in the first year, Bram spent a lot of time in the hospital becauseMeer lezen over “Made By Bram -stripe1985”

Mumzel Notification

We are updating the website so things may change on the website.Don’t be afraid the mumzels do it themselves. This week they also made new investments in better hardware. we think it is important to keep innovating and we keep building the Mumzels so that everyone can discover the Mumzels. We want to make theMeer lezen over “Mumzel Notification”

LOVE FM – from Monday to Friday 7pm CEST

Every weekday Drugmusic , Erika Psykick and The Mumzels hold an hour long a Music space at 7pm cest. Where artists can come in and listen to the music we play for you. artists and listeners will have the opportunity to share their artworks as a pintweet for everyone to see, retweet and like. ItMeer lezen over “LOVE FM – from Monday to Friday 7pm CEST”

The Mumzels

Mumzels are sweet little creatures that live around us at night. They are very shy so the chances of seeing them are very small. although they are shy of people, they find many things very interesting and they are very curious by nature. They prefer to borrow everything from you and therefore there is aMeer lezen over “The Mumzels”