What did the mumzels do in october ?

what did the mumzels do in october ?

The Mumzels have written 12 blogs about different events in the past month, the mumzels have created a spatial environment, created a Halloween Mumzel. prepared a collab with The Stamp man.

The Mumzels received or won this month several NFTs.

Thanks for the NFTs

twitter accounts of all the great artists below.

Mumzels Spatial

The Mumzels have created a spatial.io environment. where you can watch a few movies by a campfire and discover the Mumzels hiding around the campfire in the middle of the night

Spatial The Mumzels Adventures

in the future we want to expand these environments and also show art logos of our holders (World of the Mumzels) and of course the NFTs of other Artists who sell the mumzels in the Mumzelmarket. for now we now have a very small environment with a number of Mumzels .. do you know where to find them all?

Fortnite Tournament

on October 22, the first Polygon fortnite tournament had been organized by @CartridgePunkz & @Crypto__Goonz  , and was a great success. different teams competed against each other and it could be followed in the Spatial space of CJ Mega Events




The Mumzels participated in Trogtober and gave away some Mumzels in the Troglodyte society Mint spaces to the listeners. The Troglodyte society celebrated in October that they can speak as guest speakers at NFTLonden this weekend. 4-5 Nov.

Last month we also made two more videos for the Troglodyte society. a promotional video with some Trogoldytes in it and a video for a surprise for the Holders

Halloween Mumzel !

130 unique holders have received a Halloween Mumzel.

The Mumzels made an animation of a mumzel turning into a zombie mumzel, We have sent this Mumzel to everyone who owns a Mumzel. the Mumzels want to reward their holders more often because they participate in the community and because, especially in the beginning, it can take a long time before certain goals of a project are achieved. it is nice to take advantage of special benefits while waiting. such as special NFTs.

Robin AI Art

My 12 year old daughter Robin started creating AI art. Her collection can be found in the Mumzelmarket.

Robin AI Art

They are all 1/1 art and she likes cats so the first designs are all cats. she asks 0.003 Weth / 5 Matic for the artworks.

For each work of art she gets 2 dollars from daddy , (own resources) She made the art herself with an application and uploaded it herself to the Mumzel market, “my father only explained it.” The crypto with which the works of art are sold. We buy new artworks from other artists with the mumzelmarket, which Robin likes.

The Mumzels Adventures

#themumzels Adventures mint them for 5 matic. 🌏🚀🚀

⚠️1000 matic goes back in the community ⚠️

🥳 1x mint prize of 50 matic (NFT gold)
🥳🥳 2x mint prize of 25 matic (2x NFT purple)

⚠️Mint page🌏🚀🚀⏬️

TIER 0 TO TIER 5 utility’s below.. ⏬️

Tier 0

1x The mumzels adventures NFT minted 🌏

– Welcome to the Mumzel community, now you have a chance that the mumzels buy one of your nft’s in the future.
– Free nft Tier 0
– Free seasonal NFT’S

Tier 1

5x The Mumzels Adventures NFT’s minted 🚀

– Costume picture with your minted Mumzels.
– Free NFT Tier 1
– Acces to the Mumzel community Holders page.
– Free seasonal NFT’S

Tier 2

10x The Mumzels Adventures NFT’s minted 🚀🚀

– We create your own story with the Mumzels with a blog on our website you get they password for the story.
– Free NFT Tier 2
– Mumzel Friends (photo and link in world of the mumzels)
– Free seasonal NFT’S

Tier 3

15x The Mumzels Adventures nft’s minted 🚀🚀🚀

– More Costume photos with your minted Mumzels
– Free NFT tier 3
– Mumzel friends
– season Mumzels NFT’s

Tier 4

20x #themumzels Adventures nft’s Minted 🚀🚀🚀🚀

– 1x Mumzel Sticker
– Free NFT Tier 4
– Free Seasonal NFT’S
– Mumzel Family ( links , photo(‘s) information in the world of the Mumzels on or website)

Tier 5

25x #TheMumzels Adventures nft’s minted 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

– 1x T-shirt
– Free nft Tier 5
#Mumzel Familie
– minted Max Mumzel NFT’s with 1 Wallet 🚀🚀🚀 (max 39 persons possible) because first one was @Shy_Zoltan 🚀🚀🚀

⚠️Mint page 🌏🚀🚀


Oorspronkelijk getweet door The Mumzels ⚠️📢Mint is Live📢⚠️ (@TMumzels) op 3 november 2022.

New Holders in October


Discovered 2 mumzels this month, Mumzel Willem in honor of King’s Day in the Netherlands and Mumzel Noodle made by my son Finn. Humbee1.eth supports many projects or rather collected NFTs , helps the Troglodyte society and Super thanks for your support in the Mumzels welcome to the community. give Humbee1.eth a follow .

Artistic Alliances 

Discovered Daims the wizard and now belongs to the Mumzel family, She makes abstract digital art of which she has several collections and a photo collection about Ramadan, a beautiful series with photos that are recognizable in the tradition.soon we will add information about Artistic Alliances and write a blog. give her a follow and admire her art.


Discovered the mumzels adventures and a Rainbow Mumzel with original physical drawing (made by my son) this month Jacktuber is also a great NFT artist who has made many beautiful NFT’s.

Last month we also received 2 beautiful NFT’s from Jacktuber. give this young NFT artist of 8 years old (turned 3 November) a follow and see his beautiful collection at opensea.

Jacktuber recieved the Rainbow Mumzel

Thank you All

Last month a number of new people have also been added who have won or received a Mumzel in a Giveaway.

Welcome to the Mumzel Family below you can see our Twitter community.

The Mumzels want to thank everyone for the support in the Mumzels so that more and more people discover the Mumzels and see that very sweet creatures live around us at night.

Do you hear strange noises on the roof at night, don’t be afraid, those are the Mumzels.

November Suprise for Everyone how bought a Mumzel from the First Mumzel 2D collection or Minted a Mumzel Adventure.

Mumzel Weblinks

Mumzel Weblinks

because the Mumzels have so many interesting links these days to check out.
That’s why we put all interesting links here in this blog

Have you discovered them yet?

Collect Them All !!

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